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We have: Islam in our culture or culture in our islam??

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We have: Islam in our culture or culture in our islam??
Author Message
Senior Proud Pakistani
Senior Proud Pakistani

Joined: 15 Nov 2007
Posts: 1730
Location: UAE

We have: Islam in our culture or culture in our islam??
Most of people in subcontinent are under sturdy effect of cultural values & tradition and no body can claim; all those are due to 100% Islamic influence. If we focus especially on Pakistan, we can easily locate hundreds of these traditions and culture absolutely not belonging to Islam and sometimes our traditions become more important to us than Islamic principles.
So many and so called “رسوما ت” in our marriage ceremonies. Similarly, when we look in our rural area, we find the situation even more complex (how to differentiate b/w Islam and our culture), people believe more in different cultural prophecies & omen, they believe more in so called “Saints” than Islamic practices because for the whole life they are not allowed to think openly, they minds are captured within a circle of ignorance. They can’t understand and analyze even the basic Islamic principles. So many things, you can extract from our society objectionable like.
• People don’t ask woman of her choice on marriage but Islam allows every to choose….
• Islam doesn’t believe in dowry but we do……
• Islam is there to understand for each and every Muslims but we have put this responsibility to Ulaamas and scholars only..,.Why?
• Islam provides us the education medium in one stream, as we can find in history philosophers, scientists and thinker from masjid or madrisa…Question is why we have three mode of education English medium, Urdu medium and Madrisa System. This is a biggest problems, scholars of these institutions can’t understand each other when they to face each other in practical life.
• Respect for riches, authority etc..
• We don’t respect the people with beard..Why..if any one did wrong on the name of Islam…Should we leave all those Islamic values that he used to do..Is it right….????????
• Music is not allowed in Islam with minor exceptions, but our media is presenting everything as “Halal” why we are easily accepting it…Why we are getting weak?...
• Islam thinks about the humanity, but under the influence of capitalism, no one thinks of others.
• There are so many things that you know better than me, I want you to identify and post here with solutions in your youthful minds. We are free and can think, so we have to think and analyze, it’s our responsibility.

Why is like this? Who is responsible?
Why we; are different groups of people hate each other due different ideology, despite the fact all are Muslims?
If some one gets hijacked mentally by some extremist or liberal the, who is responsible?

The question I want to raise here that “Does Islam provides any culture to Muslims?
If we find our culture & Islam against each what we have to do?

Waiting for your response!
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Senior Member Pakistani
Senior Member Pakistani

Joined: 06 Nov 2007
Posts: 608

Good Question Reply with quote
This is a very good question and it will and can have many answers.

In my opinion, Religion and culture are two different entities.

Religion is global and culture is always local. For example, Pakistani and Turkish muslim follows same religion but they live in different cultures. Being said that, culture is always subordinated to religion and it can not be other way around.

Religion always remains same but cultures can and do change with time and place. For example, with Pakistani culture changes every five to ten years. Therefore, it is the decision of society to adjust the culture according to their conditions so that it does not become burden for them. In recent past we can find two examples of these efforts
(1) Ban wedding meals
(2) Ban on Kite flying

Cultures are there to nit the society so that people live a happy and an integrated life. Therefore, it is the role of civil socities to keep cultures up to date according to the situation of the society. If conditions require changes then it should be changed and there should be a general acceptance, which is called general consensus.

Now coming to the question of medium of education, again it has nothing to do with Islam. Islam requires it's followers to get education without hanging up on any language. That is why Prophet (PBUH) said that seek education even if you have to go to China. China was used as reference and it was significant for two reasons, First due to physical distance and secondly Chines were not people of book (Ahle Kitab). This should be good enough to understand the importance of education and acceptance & tolerance of others

Then you questioned about materialism, if you talk to elders they will tell you that this was never a part of our culture. Humanity and hospitality were core values of our culture, materialism is a new and foreign concept and I think we are getting it due to uneducation. Let me tell you here that education does mean a degree, a degree holder can be very uneducated. Sadly speaking, I have met many high degree holders who does not have any education.

In last, to answer to your question that who is responsible if a child falls in the hands of extremist, I think we all are responsible either as a parent or as a society.

The solution to these issue is mass education which can be done through media but if right hands operates this institution. Believe me through this we can change the whole country in days but sincerity and honesty is the pre-requisit.

May Allah makes Pakistan a garden of heaven (Amen)

Respect All
Long Live Pakistan
In the end All praises are due to Lord
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Senior Proud Pakistani
Senior Proud Pakistani

Joined: 15 Nov 2007
Posts: 1730
Location: UAE

Reply with quote
One question arises here, does islam gives us anything as culture,
Culture should come from Islam or Islam should wear the mask of local cultures.

Regarding education my point of view is different, i said these three paralell educational system are cause of low tolerance for each other groups. it creates boundaries between these three groups and casues a drift with confusion in society.

At the end i'm agreed to you only horizantally and vertically comprehensive eduactional system and powerful judiciary can do it.
where no discrimination in at least educational setup.

Islamic Values do good but only when applied.

"O son of Adam if you have collected anything in excess of your actual need you will act only as its trustee for someone else to use it.""(Imam Ali(a.s))"
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Junior PK Member
Junior PK Member

Joined: 26 Jan 2017
Posts: 69
Location: Islamabad Pakistan

Reply with quote
Religion and culture are very different from each other because all the Muslims of the world have same religion which is ISLAM but they are following culture according to the place where they live. But we have to follow the culture of ISLAM and Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.S) described.
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