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The prayer

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The prayer
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The prayer
The prayer 1s not regarded as valid except if these pillars are performed. If
someone misses any of them in one unit (Rak’ah) of the prayer, that unit 1s void,
whether it is left intentionally or forgetfully.

The Obligatory Acts (Wajibaat)' of Prayer: 1) All of the Takbeeraat (saying
“Allahu Akbar” *), apart from Takbeerat-ul-Ihram. 2) Saying “Sami'a Allahu lIman
Hamidah” °, after standing from rukoo' by the Imam in a congregational prayer and
by the individual if not in a congregation. 3) Saying “Rabbana wa lakal-Hamd’ *
after standing from rukoo'. 4) Saying “Subhiiaana Rabbiyal-Azeem” ° once in the
bowing. 5) Saying “Subhaana Rabbiyal-A'laa” ° once in the prostration. 6)Saying
“Rabbi ighfir li” ’ between the two sajdahs. 7) The first Tashahhud. Cool To sit for
the first Tashahhud.

Whoever leaves any one of these eight obligations of sayings or actions
intentionally, his prayer 1s void. If he leaves anything of them due to forgetfulness,
he should make the two prostrations of forgetfulness.

The Praiseworthy Acts (Sunan) of Prayer: They are of two types: sayings and
actions. Not performing the Sunan acts of prayer does not invalidate the prayer,
even if left intentionally.

The Sunan of sayings include the following: * reciting the opening supplication;
* seeking refuge from Satan (al-Isti’adhah); * beginning the recitation of the
Qur’an with the name of Allah (Basmalah); * saying “Ameen” at the end of Surah-
al-Fatihah aloud in prayers in which the recitation is audible; # reciting some verses
from the Qur’an after the Fatihah; * the Imam reciting aloud (the followers or
ma’moom are prohibited to recite aloud. while a person offering his prayer
individually is free to choose); # saying “Hamdan Katheeran Tayyiban Mubarakan
fihi Mil-'as-Samaawaati wa Mil’al-Ardi...” after saying “Rabbanaa wa-lakal-Hamd’;
* saying “Subhaana Rabbiyal-Azeem’, “Subhaana Rabbiyal-A'laa” and “Rabbi
ighfir Il’ more than once in bowings, prostrations and the sittings; # saying a
supplication before the final saying of ““As-Salam alaikaum wa Rahmatullah.”

The Sunan of actions include the following: * raising the hands at the time of
Takbeerat-al-Ihram, at the time of bending for the rukoo’, at the time of raising up
from it to a standing position, and at the time of standing up from the first at-
Tashahhud; * placing the right hand on the left below the chest while standing; *
keeping the eyes on the spot of prostration; keeping the feet separated while
standing; # placing the knees on the ground first, then the hands and the forehead

when going down for prostration; # keeping the stomach separated from the thighs,
and separating the thighs from the calves in prostration; * keeping a distance
between the knees while bowing; #* keeping both the heels propped up while toes
firmly placed on the ground with some distance between them and pointing [the toes]
towards the Qiblah in prostration; * placing the hands with the fingers together on
the ground at the level of the shoulders while prostrating; #* standing up by putting
the pressure on the feet first and then relying on the knees with the hands when
standing; * propping up the right foot and spreading the left while sitting on the left
thigh in the sitting for the first Tashahhud (see the chart at the end of this book for
two ways of sitting which is called /ftiraash); * sitting on the buttocks keeping the
left foot spread under the right leg and right foot propped up in the second at-
Tashahhud (see chart for three ways of sitting which is called Tawarruk); *
spreading the hands on the thighs with fingers joined together pointing towards the
Qiblah between the two prostrations; # making a circle with the middle finger and
thumb of the right hand, and pointing the index finger during the remembrance of
Allah and supplication, symbolizing the Oneness of Allah (@&); ¥# turning to the
right and then left when making the final salutations (Tasleem).

Prostrations of Forgetfulness: It is from the Sunnah to make [two] prostrations
of forgetfulness if one mistakenly recites something in a place where they should
not, such as reciting the Qur’an in prostration. It is permissible to prostrate for
leaving a Sunnah act of the prayer. However, it is an obligation (Wajib) to make the
prostrations of forgetfulness if one adds a bowing, prostration, standing, sitting or
gives salutations before the end of the prayer, or makes a clear mistake in the
recitation of the Qur’an which changes its meaning, if one leaves any obligatory act,
or if one is doubtful about an addition at the time of adding it.

The prayer becomes invalid if one intentionally leaves off making the obligatory
prostrations of forgetfulness. A person may make these two prostrations before or
after the final salutations. However, if one forgets to make the prostrations of
forgetfulness until quite a while later after the completion of the prayer, then it is no
longer necessary.
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