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Sayings and deeds that have rewards in Islam

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Sayings and deeds that have rewards in Islam
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Sayings and deeds that have rewards in Islam
Sayings and deeds that have rewards in Islam
Part 2

Reciting the verse of the ‘‘Whoever recites Aayat-ul-Kursi (Verse of the Footstool)

after the obligatory prayers prevent him from entering Paradise except death.”
“There is no Muslim who visits another Muslim in the morning but
39 Visiting the ill that seventy thousand angels pray for him until the evening, and if he
visits him in the evening then seventy thousand angels pray for hi
until the morning, , and he will have a garden in Paradise.”
Supplicating upon, Whoever saw a person who is being tested and then said: “All praise
33 is due to Allah who has saved me from what He has tested you with
seeing someone | trial and who has favored me over many of His creatures’ then such a trial
will not afflict him. Those who “Whoever gives condolences to an afflicted person will have condole the similar reward.”

“There is not a believer who gives condolences to his brother for a
(with grief) _ affliction except that Allah will clothe him with the clothes of honor.”
Funeral prayer and “Whoever witnesses the funeral prayer until the prayer is made will have a following the byre to Qeeraat of reward, and whoever remains until the burial will have twa the graveyard until the Qeeraat.” It was said, “What is two Qeeraat?” He said, “Like two large burial mountains.” Ibn Umar 44% said “We have missed many Qeeraat"”

or help in building it = Allah will build for him a house in Paradise.”
“There is not a morning that comes except that there are two angels
au Spending and descend and one of them says, ‘O Allah give more to the one who
giving money spends’, and the other one says, “‘O Allah hold back from the one who
holds back from spending.’”
* “One dirham surpassed one hundred thousand dirham.” They asked, “And how
>,was that?” He said, “There was a man with two dirham and he gave one as charity,
32 e and there was a man who went to a side of his wealth and took one hundred
<= thousand dirham and gave it in charity.” (an-Nasa’i and Ibn Khuzaima)
Y #* “There is no Muslim who plants a tree or sows a field and then a human, bird, o
a animal eats from it, but he shall be rewarded as if he had given that much in charity”
a incaeee
interest that it is like giving charity once.”

Being patient “Whoever grants time to a person who is in hardship, then he will be
“NW with people in rewarded for everyday as if he gave charity once. If he waits after the time
hardship _ for repay comes, then he will be rewarded as if he gave charity twice.”
Allah face away from the hellfire the distance of seventy years.”
% “Fasting every month for three days is like fasting for the
Fasting three days of entire year.”
My covery month, and the * He (4%) was asked about the fasting on the Day of ’Arafah, so
Day of ’Arafah and the he said, “‘It expiates the sins of the year before and the year after.”
Day of ’Aashura‘ * He (#%) was asked about the fasting on the Day o
’Aashura‘, so he said, “It expiates the sins of the year before.”
month of Shawwaal six days of Shawwaal, it is like fasting the entire year.”

Praying Salat-ut- | ‘““When a man prays with the prayer leader (Imam) until he
zB Taraweeh with the Imamfinishes, it will be counted for him like the prayer of the entire
until he finishes _ night.”
Umrah in * “Umrah in Ramadan equals a pilgrimage.” Another narration states, “a
a Ramadan pilgrimage with me.” # “Whoever circumambulates around the Ka’bah
seven times, and prays two rak’ahs, it is as if he has freed a slave.”
Pious pilgrimage # “Whosoever makes pilgrimage for Allah and does not ac
matey (acceptable to improperly or wickedly will return like a new born baby.”
Allah) * The reward of a pious pilgrimage is nothing less than Paradise.”
#* “There are no days more beloved to Allah in which good deeds are
Good deeds in the done than these days, i.e. the first ten days (of Dhil-Hijjah).” They said,
aaa first ten days of ‘“O Messenger of Allah, not even fighting for the sake of Allah?” He said,
Dhil-Hijjah “Not even fighting for the sake of Allah, except for a man that goes out
with his soul and wealth and returns with nothing.”

The companions of the Prophet #% said, “O Messenger of Allah, what are
SJauchterin these Ud-hiya?’ He said, “The Sunnah of your father Ibraheem.” They said,
48 the dhe ‘ “And what do we receive from them O Messenger of Allah?” He said, “Fo
y every hair a good deed.” They said, “And the fleece, O Messenger o
Allah?” He said, “And for every hair on the fleece a good deed.”
“The superiority of the learned scholar over the pious worshipper is like
Reward of themy superiority over the least of you.” Then the Messenger of Allah go
aN} knowledgeable said, “Verily, Allah, His angels and the inhabitants of the Heavens and o
person the Earths, even an ant in its hole and the fish, pray for blessings on the
person who teaches goodness to the people.”
Crying out of the fear of “Two eyes will not touch the Hellfire: the eye that cries out o
m1) Allah and guard duty forthe fear of Allah; and the eye that remains awake in guarding
the sake of Allah _— for the sake of Allah.”
Those that avoid “The nations of people were presented to the Prophet #5 in a drea
incantation and taking Paradise without account: they are those that do not cauterize, seek
omens incantations or take omens; instead they place their trust in Allah.”
rr otsin quer excpt tA iene im mo Pade”
children die of sin (puberty), except that Allah will enter him into Paradise.”
Those that suffer the “Verily, Allah says, ‘If I test my servant with his two beloved
ey trial of losing their eyes and he is patient, I will then recompense him with
sight and are patient Paradise.’”
wi Those who avoid , “You will not leave anything for the sake of Allah, Almighty and
something for Allah’s,, ... ay ;
sake Majestic, except that Allah will give you something better.
and private parts what is between his legs, I will guarantee for him Paradise.”
“If a man remembers Allah as he enters his house and when he
Saying in the name takes food, Satan says, ‘There is no place here to stay the nigh
56 of Allah when and no food.’ And if he does not remember Allah as he enters his
entering the home or house, Satan says, “I found a place to spend the night.’ And if he
when eating food does not remember Allah as he takes food, Satan says, ‘I have
found a place to stay the night and have dinner.’”

Those who *#* “Whoever eats and then says, ‘alhamdulillahilladhi at’amani hatha
praised Allah wa razaganeehi min ghairi haulin minni wala quwwah (All praise fo
ai after having Allah who gave me this food, and gave this sustenance for me withou
food, and my strength and power) Allah will forgive what preceded of his sins.”
while wearing # When he wears new clothes he should say, “alhamdulillahilladhi
new clothes kasaani hadha....” (All praise for Allah who gave me these clothes).
Fatimah \é% asked the Prophet #% for a servant, so he said to her and
Those who Ali 2% “Shall I not teach you that which is better than a servant? When
ry wish to lessen you retire to your beds, say, “Allahu Akbar’ (Allah is the Greatest) thirty-
the burden on four times, ‘al-hamdulillah’ (All praise is for Allah) thirty-three times
themselves and ‘Subhaan-Allah’ (Glory be to Allah) thirty-three times. This is bette
for you than a servant.”
Th “If one of you wishes to approach his wife and says, ‘Bismillahi

supplication Allahumma jJannibnash-shaytaan, wa jannibish-shaytaana ma razaqtana
59 before sexual (In the name of Allah. O Allah, keep the Satan away from us and keep
ntercourse the Satan away from that which you have blessed us), then if Alla
decrees for them a child, Satan will not harm him.”
‘%* “If a woman prays her five prayers and fasts her month and protects her
A wife private parts and obeys her husband, it will be said to her enter into
0} pleasing her Paradise from whichever gate you wish.”
husband #* “Any woman who dies while her husband is pleased with her will ente
Being good to parents #“The satisfaction of Allah lies in the satisfaction of the parents”
ral and staying connected # “Whoever wishes to increase abundantly his sustenance anc
with the blood increase his lifetime let him remain connected to his blood
relations relations.”
toe eee
orphan He then indicated with his index and middle fingers.
‘*#® “The believer reaches by good character the degree of the
person who constantly fasts and stands in prayers.”
ey Good character % “...and a house in the highest part of Paradise for the one who
is of good character.”
Mercy forthe = “Allah only has mercy on those of His servants who are
ore creatures and —_ merciful. Be merciful to those on earth and He who is in the
compassion for them heaven will be merciful to you.”
Bo Msline’ Gorhimsei ee SS
Muslims for himself.”
66 Bashfulness ; “Shyness does not bring anything but good.”
and shyness _ Shyness is a part of faith. | |
* ‘Four are of the ways of the Prophets: shyness, perfume, siwak and marriage.”
A man came to the Prophet 2% and said, “as-salamu ‘alaikum’ (peace be
upon you). The Prophet #3 then said, “Ten.” Another came and said, “as-
Initiatin salamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullah” (peace be upon you and the mercy of
67 INE Allah). The Prophet then said, “Twenty.” Another man came and said, “as-
salutations |
salamu ’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu’” (peace be upon you and
the mercy of Allah and His blessings). Then the Prophet said, “Thirty.”
Meaning good deeds (since one good deed is increased by ten times).
Be Mest foxgiven store ny separate” OY
meeting forgiven before they separate.”

Those who defend th © “Whoever defends his brother Muslim’s honor, Allah will
OF honor of their Muslim | a
defend his honor on the Day of Resurrection.

: brothers ,

_ Loving the righteous “You are with those that you love.” Anas ibn Malik, «e said tha
440) persons and sitting with the companions were not happy with anything as much as the

: them were cheered by this hadith.

| Those who love each “Allah the Almighty and Majestic said, ‘Those that love each
WAG other for the sake of other for My Majesty’s sake will have pulpits of light and even

: Allah the prophets and martyrs will wish to be like them.”

. “Whoever supplicates for his brother Muslim while he is

Those who supplicate for
1PA their brother Muslim absent, the angel that is entrusted to him says, ‘Ameen wa laka

: bi mithlihi’ (Accept his prayer and for you similarly).”

_ Those who seek = “Whoever seeks forgiveness for the Muslim men and women,
(7%) forgiveness forthe Allah will write for him a good deed for every believing man

Muslim men and women and woman.”
7 mn Removing an obstacle “I saw a man moving around in Paradise for cutting a tree fro

____ from the pathwa the pathway of the people, which used to annoy them.”

_ Leaving off “TI am the guarantor for a house in the edge of Paradise for the person who
fis} argumentation leaves off argumentation even if he is on the right, and for a house in the
___andlying middle of Paradise for the person who leaves off lying even when joking.”

| Those who “Whoever holds back his rage while he is able to execute it, Allah will
£09 hold back their call him on the Day of Resurrection in front of everybody so that he will
: anger choose whichever luscious eyed maiden he wishes.”
“Whoever you praise will have the Paradise obligatory for him, and
Those who are. ; ; _
ah raised whoever you disparage will have the Hellfire obligatory for him: you are
: P the witnesses of Allah in the world.”
, ee . _.__ “Whosoever removes a worldly misery from a believer, Allah will
Alleviating miseries. , a
; remove from him a misery of the great miseries of the Day o
and making things |

; Resurrection. Whosoever alleviates a person in need, Allah will
78 easier forthe Heviate him in thi id and th Wh hield
Muslims, shielding alleviate him in this world and the next. osoever shields a
and hel in them Muslim, Allah will shield him in this world and the next. Allah
3 pins __will aid a servant as long as the servant aids his brother...”
1 Bej d “Whoever has the Hereafter as his main concern, Allaah will fill his
79) bout ah, hereatt heart with a feeling of richness and independence; he will be focused
ROOM AINENASESS and feel content, and this world will come to him in spite of it”
The just ruler “Allah will give shade to seven people on the Day when there will be no
| ri 1 peous ’ shade but His Shade: a just ruler; a youth who has been brought up in the
oath worship of Allah; a man whose heart is attached to the mosque; two
| attachment to persons who love each other only for the sake of Allah and they meet
10) and part only for the cause of Allah; a man who is invited in seduction
/ the Mosque, by a charmi f noble birth b ‘I fear of Allah’;
loving for y a charming woman of noble birth but says, I fear o ah’; a man
: who gives charity so secretly that his left hand does not even know what
| Allah’s sake, ,. 0;
: ete his right hand spends; and a person who remembers Allah in seclusion
| and his eyes are then flooded with tears.”
| . “Whoever constantly asks Allah for forgiveness, then Allah will grant
Asking for, forgiveness him relief from every worry, and will release him from his anxiety, and will provide for him from where he does not expect.”
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