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Sayings and deeds that have rewards in Islam

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Sayings and deeds that have rewards in Islam
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Sayings and deeds that have rewards in Islam
Sayings and deeds that have rewards in Islam

The virtuous The proof of its reward and virtue from the narrations
saying or deed | of the Prophet
To sav “LAA “Whoever says, “LAA ILAAHA ILL-ALLAH wahdahu la shareeka lahu
y lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamdu wa huwa ‘ala kulli shai‘in gadeer’ (There
ILAABA TLL ij hat has the right to be worshipped Allah alone with
ALLAH wahdahu 18 2one that has the right to be worshipped except alone without
any partner: to Him belongs all sovereignty and all praise, and He is
la shareeka lahu.

1 capable over all things) in a day one hundred times, this will be like
lahul-mulku wa frei 1 hundred sood deeds will be wri for hi ’
lahul-hamdu wa Leeing ten slaves, one hundred good deeds will be written for him, on

- . hundred evil deeds will be erased, he will be protected from the Sata
huwa ‘alakulli |
shai‘in qadeer.” ©! that day until he reaches the evening, and no one will be better tha
him except the one whose deeds are more than his.” [al-Bukhari and Muslim]
To say, “Subhaan- “Whoever says ‘Subhaan-Allahil- ‘Azeem wa bihamdih’ (Glory be to
¥@ Allahil-Azeem wa Allah the Magnificent and with His praises) will have a palm tree
bihamdih” __ planted for him in Paradise.”
*% “Whoever says in the morning and in the evening, ‘Subhaan-
Allahi wa bihamdih’ (Glory be to Allah and with His praises) one
To say, “Subhaan- hundred times will have his sins dropped from him even if they were
Allahi wa like the foam of the sea and no one will bring better than him excep

SB bihamdih” and to one who said as he said or more.”
say, “Subhaan- * “Two expressions are easy on the tongue, weighty in the scale,
Allahil-“AZeem” beloved by the Most Beneficent in Mercy: ‘Subhaan-Allahi wa

bihamdihi’ (Glory be to Allah and with His praises) and ‘Subhaan-

Allahil-‘Azeem (Glory be to Allah the Magnificent).”
« [The Prophet #8 said,] “Do you not wish me to guide you to a
To say, “la haula treasure of the treasures of Paradise?” I said, “Of course!” He said,

“4 wala quwwata illa ., ;
yao “La haula wala quwwata illa billah (There is no power or strength
billah $9
| except by Allah).

Asking for Paradise““Whoever asks Allah for Paradise three times, then Paradise will say:

c | and seeking “O Allah! Enter him into Paradise!’ And whoever seeks protection wit

| protection from Allah from the Fire three times, the Fire will say: “O Allah! Protect hi
| Fire _—from the Fire!”
“Whoever sits in a gathering and indulges in useless talk and then says
Prayer for before he stands, ‘Subhaanak-Allahumma wa bihamdika ash-hadu an
rs expiation of LA ILAAHA ILLA ANTA astaghfiruka wa atoobu ilaik’ (Glory be to
sins aftera You O Allah and to You are the praises. I witness that there is none tha
gathering has the right to be worshipped except You. I seek forgiveness from You
| and repent to You), his sins of that gathering will be expiated.”

7 Memorizing verses of “Whoever memorizes ten verses of the beginning of Surat-al-Kahf
___ Surah-al-Kahf___will be protected from the antichrist (al-Dajjal).”
. “Whoever sends salutation upon me once, Allah will send salutations
Salutations upon . .
8 <p>
degrees.” - And in another narration, “and write for him ten good deeds.
“Whoever recites in a day and night fifty verses will not be writte
among the neglectful; and whoever recites one hundred verses will be
Virtue of reciting written of the patiently obedient; and whoever reads two hundred verses
vm verses of the will not have the Qur’an be a proof against him on the Day of
Qur’ an Resurrection; and whoever recites five hundred verses will have written <
huge bounty of reward.” “’Qul huwallahu ahad [112]’ is equivalent to
one-third of the Qur’ an.”

Reward of those # “...For no human or jinni hears the voice of the caller to prayer except
= whocall tothe that he will testify for him on the Day of Resurrection.” #* “The callers
prayers (Mu‘adhineen) to prayer will have the longest necks on the Day of Resurrection.”
Repeating “Whoever says when he hears the call to prayer, ‘Allahumma rabba
after the caller (Cdhihid-da ‘watit-taammah wassalatil-gaa‘imah aati Muhammadanil-
to praver and waseelata wal-fadeelah, wab’ath-hu maqaaman mahmoodanilladhi
nm. i wa’adtah’ (O Allah, Lord of this perfect call and Lord of this established
supplication prayer, bestow upon Muhammad near approach and great virtue and send
afterwards him upon the praised station which You have promised him), my
intercession for him will be made lawful on the Day of Resurrection.
Bho ac near ia

Ablution (Wudoo) removed from his body, even from under his fingernails and toenails.”
“There is none of you who makes ablution and does it well then says ‘ash-
rk ppucet™” ABDULLAHI WA RASULUH’ (1 testify that there is none that has the righ
after ablution | ; oa
(Wudoo) to be worshipped except Allah and that Muhammad is his servant and
Messenger) except that the eight gates of Paradise will be opened for hi
and he may enter through whichever he wishes”’ (Muslim)
Praver after “There is no Muslim who makes ablution and makes it well and then stands
te the lution and makes two Rak’ah prayers directing himself with his face and heart to
Allah except that Paradise will be due to him.” (Muslim)
Many steps to “Whoever goes to the congregational Mosque, his one step erases a
le} the Mosque sin and his next step writes for him a good deed as he goes and
(Masjid) returns.” (Ahmad)

# “Whoever bathes on the day of Jumu’ah (Friday), washing well, anc
then goes early (very early) and walks and does not ride, and gets close to
the Imam and listens and does not get into idle talk, he will have reward fo
Preparing and each step like the reward of the deeds of a year of fasting and standing i
going earlier prayer.” [Abu Dawud, At-Tirmidhi, An-Nasa’i and Ibn Majah]
Ke} to the Mosque #* ‘“No man bathes on Friday and cleanses as much as he can and puts oil o
for the Friday himself or of the perfume of his home, and then goes out (to the Mosque)
Prayer and does not separate two (sitting together), then prays (supererogatory)
prayers that were written for him, and without speaking listens attentively to
the Imam delivering the sermon, except that Allah will forgive his sins that
were between that Friday and the other Friday.” (al-Bukhari)
Reaching the first Takbeer““Whoever prays for the sake of Allah forty days in congregatio
Wa (saying of Allahu Akbar) reaching the first Takbeer of the prayer, he will be written to be
of the prayer free of two: from the Hellfire and from hypocrisy.”
oe Snarcation performed individually by eny-sevendegees”
congregation performed individually by twenty-seven degrees.”
Pravine Isha and Fair _ Whoever prays Isha in congregation, it is as if he stood fo
ey TOE od night prayer until half the night. And whoever prays Fajr in
congregation congregation, it is as if he prayed the entire night.”
“Tf the people knew what was in calling for the prayer and the
MA) Praying in the first row first row and they did not find any way to it except by drawing
lots, they would draw lots.”

Maintaining the “Whoever prays in a day and night twelve Rak’ah (0
ABM performance of regular Supererogatory prayers) will have a house built for him in
supererogatory prayers Paradise: four before Zuhr and two after, two after Maghrib,
two after /sha, and two before Fajr.”

*% “Perform many prostrations since you will not make one
Abundant _ prostration except that Allah will bring you one degree closer anc
PPA Supererogatory remove one sin from you.”
prayers * “The supererogatory prayer of a man out of the people’s sight is
equal to it performed in their sight twenty-five times”
Supererogatory prayers # “The two supererogatory Rak’ah before Fajr are better than!
23 before Fajr and this world and what is in it.” # “Whoever prays morning
obligatory Salat-ul-Fajr prayer is in the protection of Allah”
“Every morning there is a charity due upon each joint of the person, so eve
Prayer of Tasbeeh (saying of ‘Subhaan-Allah’) is an act of charity, and every Tahmeed
moring (saying ‘al-Hamdu lillah’) is an act of charity, and every Tahleel (saying ‘LAA
WA¥ after sunrise ILAAHA ILL-ALLAH’) is an act of charity, and every Takbeer (saying ‘Allahu
(Salat-ud- Alkbar’) is an act of charity, and every commanding of good is an act of
Puha) charity, and every forbiddance of evil is an act of charity. Making two Rak’a
bowing in the mid-morning (Duha) suffices for all of them.”
Whoever sits in his [The ange’s pray for one as ne as he is in fs place of prayer as
Mey place of prayer __ ong as he does not break his at ution. They say, ‘Alla umm-
. aghfir-lahw’ (O Allah forgive him), ‘Allahumm-arham-hw’ (O
remembering Allah — Allah h him).”
Allah have mercy on him).

Remembering Allah until the Whoever prays Salat-al-F ajr in congregation and then sits
sun rises after pravine Salat. remembering Allah until the sun rises and then prays two
PA _ Praying » Rak’ah will be rewarded as if he made greater and lesse
ul-Fajr in congregation and... .
; pilgrimage (Hajj and Umrah), complete, complete,
then praying two Rak’ah ¥
Those who wake up in the “Whoever wakes up in the night and wakes up his wife and
(4h =6night and wake up their then they both pray two Rak’ah, they will be written as
wives those men and women that remember Allah much.”
Whoever intends to wake up “ There is no one who misses a regular supererogatory
ay at night for supererogatory prayer at night because he is overcome by sleep but that
prayers and then is overcome Allah (8%) writes for him the reward for that prayer, and his
by sleep sleep is charity.”
“None has the right to be worshipped except Allah, alone, without
partner, to Him belongs all sovereignty and praise. He gives life and
When Enterin causes death, and He 1s living and does not die. In His hand 1s all
PAY S good and He 1s over all things, Omnipotent” then Allah will write one
the Market eae . . . “are
million good deeds for him, and will wipe away one million of
his bad deeds, and will raise him one million levels and will build a
home for him in Paradise.”

Saying “Those who say Subhaan-Allah, al-hamdulillah and allahu Akbar,
Subhaan-Allah, — (Glory be to Allah. And all praise is for Allah. And Allah is the
wal-hamdulillah, Greatest) each thirty three times, so this is ninety-nine times, and
wallahu Akbar, each then says at the end for the hundred time LAA ILAAHA ILL-
ay thirty three times, and ALLAH U wahdahu la shareeka lahu lahul- mulku wa lahul-hamdu
then finalizing that wa huwa ‘ala kulli shai‘in gadeer (There is none that has the righ
with saying once LA to be worshipped except Allah alone without any partner: to Hi
ILAHA ILLALLAH belongs all sovereignty and all praise, and He is capable over all
after the obligatory things) after the prayer will have his sins forgiven, even if they
prayers were like the foam of the sea.”
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