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Savera Nadeem - profile, interview & pictures

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Savera Nadeem - profile, interview & pictures
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Savera Nadeem - profile, interview & pictures
Savera Nadeem

Savera Nadeem is a television actress from Pakistan. Born in Lahore in 1974. She is the stepdaughter of Madiha Gohar and step-niece of Faryal Gohar. Both women are active for women rights in Pakistan and veteran TV actresses. Savera is notable for playing the lead role in the television drama series Inkaar meant to increase social awareness against narcotics.

Acting career

Savera has performed in plays such as Inkaar, Sawan and Mohabbat Ka Ek Pehar (in which she starred alongside Nadeem and played the role of a woman marrying the father of three children and the scorn she faces while trying to be their mother). These two drama serials established her as one of the more talented actresses of her generation. She also gave a stunning performance in drama serial Shikwah, Baitiyan and Diya Jalay.


She set her foot in the production avenue with a play titled Pankh; the play remained successful in establishing her as a producer.


Recently Savera has also begun direction and has completed her first directional venture titled as Kal, a telefilm that was aired on the Pakistani television channel, Geo. She is considered as one of the most diversified and talented artists.


Currently Savera is the host of 'Morning Masala', a flagship morning show aired at a TV channel, News1. “Morning Masala”, brings to you the biggest names in business, entertainment and politics with their most important and interesting stories. Morning Masala's unique sense of street smarts and wit mixes business & infotainment news with an unscripted and fast-paced exchange of dialogue.


There are many actresses, who have forayed into the showbiz circle, but only few survived and even fewer could make their mark as accomplished artists. Savaira Nadeem belongs to this rare breed of actresses who have made it big on the basis of their talent.

She has dedication, brains and beauty - all rolled into one person who knows what she wants out of life and how to go about it. And it is this panache, passion and dedication that has bagged her prestigious PTV award.

As all know that in the past, the PTV award had been associated with big names like Khalida Riyasat, Uzma Gillani and Roohi Bano. Now Savaira has bagged one.

There are many actresses, who have forayed into the showbiz circle, but only few survived and even fewer could make their mark as accomplished artists. Savaira Nadeem belongs to this rare breed of actresses who have made it big on the basis of their talent.

She has dedication, brains and beauty - all rolled into one person who knows what she wants out of life and how to go about it. And it is this panache, passion and dedication that has bagged her prestigious PTV award.

As all know that in the past, the PTV award had been associated with big names like Khalida Riyasat, Uzma Gillani and Roohi Bano. Now Savaira has bagged one.

So we asked her how she feels about it
"I do feel a lot of satisfaction and a sense of achievement, even though, I knew about my nomination for the past two or three months. But the situation seemed very uncertain to believe it until I received the award." Of course, she was ecstatic when she received her award.

The excitement was evident at the award ceremony where she was present with her mother and grandmother, and they seemed more jubilant and proud than the recipient.

She got the award on her groundbreaking role in the serial 'Inkar' directed by Ayub Khawar. She attributes her success and achievement to the director and the writer who carved the depth and boldness in the character she played. "It was a very unusual character and a subject which was never explored before.

It showed a woman smoking and dealt with issues like out-of-wedlock pregnancy, abortion and drug-addiction." She definitely deserved an award for being daring enough to take up such a role and for performing it brilliantly.

Savaira started her acting career at a very young age. "If you also count the work I have done on theatre then I have started my career at the age of 15. The first serial that I worked in was 'Kiran' in 1994-95." Indeed, the break came in for her through the same serial when she got noticed for her performance, looks and classy 'churidar pajamas' she wore in 'Kiran'.

When asked how she chooses her roles and what is the determining factor? She quips, "It depends on how different that role is from the roles that I have done before.

Above all other things, what matters most is the cast and the team - the people with whom you share a mutual chemistry specially the co-star, the so-called hero."

So, we accuse her of being a part of a certain clan or mafia in showbiz by working with only certain people! "Well! In fact there is a lot of insecurity and things are not planned here.

There is no contract system that binds to safeguard the rights of the artistes. Therefore, people prefer a team they have confidence in," she justifies her stance.

But another allegation leveled against her is that she is too choosy about her roles for which she says, "actually I'm not choosy and you can't afford to be that choosy. The reason is the inception of the new channels that now you have to work round the clock."

Savaira, not satisfied with the present environment in showbiz, feels that every third person has entered into showbiz these days. "I sometimes get frustrated and annoyed that people who don't really belong here seem to be here like you have some unwanted guests at your home.

I am a bit possessive about my profession, as I am sincere and committed with it. Thus, when I see people who are not devoted enough I feel hurt and this is also the basic reason of quality deterioration." She further elaborates on the deteriorating standard of plays and the rising commercialism: "People don't want to go beyond a certain limit when it comes to exploring new avenues and ways of interpreting things.

Topics are always somehow the same, but it's the interpretation that makes it different. I don't understand this attitude. May be there are no educated people in this field, or if, they are educated they are so arrogant that they don't want to experiment according to the director's instruction.

The era when PTV plays were popular was quite different than the present. Those plays may not be that popular now, if they are shown in the same style. The time has changed and there is more commercialism now. Those were the studio plays, but now it has come into open and the canvas is wider."

Dismayed by the declining standards in the TV plays she decided to delve into production and direction. But doesn't she feel that it is premature for her to be a director or producer? "Yes definitely, and I don't want to do it full time. It was a kind of experiment.

I was dragged into direction by some people I was working with and I think there was a lot of contribution of my camera man and my assistants who completed 70% of the work with me.

"She further added, "Direction is like an addiction and once you get into it, it is difficult to withhold, because now when my tele-film that I was working on is complete, I really want something else to start. Sometimes, you have so many things in your mind that you can't explain it to others and you feel that may be you can do it more convincingly on your own."

Savaira started working on a tele-film after achieving success in production. "I have come into production and one of my serials 'Pankh' is on air, which is directed by Ahsan Talish.

The whole concept is mine. The response is quite encouraging as it is supported by 22 minutes ad-time. Saleem, Uzma, Zaib Choudhry are in the main cast. I have also made a tele-film as a director called 'Kal'. Again I have done the whole concept, story and characterisation, while being the performer, director and producer."

Savaira talks enthusiastically about her experience as a director and producer when asked if it was tough? "Well 'tough' is perhaps not the correct word for it. It is like you are doing some complicated surgery of an issue. In 'Kal', I was kind of juggling with acting, production, direction and management.

At times the script needed a change inviting my immediate attention. I don't remember sleeping in those 10 or 15 days of shooting. And now I'm quite excited to see how does it eventually turns out after the editing."

A smiling Savaira who has explored new avenues in 'Kal' has also given chance to the new talent, "I have brought Farhana Maqsood in a good role who also worked hard. Her potentials were never explored before and she was typecast in 'ronay dhonay walay' roles. I have also introduced a new voice.

She used to be in my college and recently I met her in a parlour where she told me that she is really interested in getting back into singing. I decided to give her a break and later it proved that she was a well-deserved candidate.

New and young boys called 'Arsh' have given the music and my writer - 'Suraj' is also new. They were completely new when I started working with them, but now they are getting more and more offers, shaid meray haat may hee kutch aise barkat hai...."

About the cast she said, "'Kal' includes Faisal Rehman, Seemi Raheel, Ali Tahir and myself. It also includes two songs; in fact we had tried to give it a filmy treatment. Suraj Baba, the writer has incredible sensitivity for women, which was the requirement of 'Kal'. The tele-film will be presented on Geo.

Watching Savaira doing a role is definitely a treat to watch as it seems that no other actress could have done it that well. The way she conceives a role is definitely different the way other people do. "Previously, I used to make notes about the personality of the character, what are the attributes; what are the negative points; even the physical appearance, colours, clothing etc.

But now I feel that it doesn't make any difference. May be because I've learnt a lot along way that I overcome these things automatically. I think you just need to focus on the main characteristics of the character, and it becomes slightly easier, otherwise there is nothing easy in this field."

Savaira has performed a variety of roles, but still she wants something different and that with intensity...with more action and lots of dynamics in it, like a woman serving in armed forces...

"Something that has never been shown before," retorts Savaira. When asked about the comedy roles she elaborates, "I have enjoyed doing comedy. Comedy is a combination of three things. It requires a brilliant script, a very sharp editing and lot of energy."

The ultimate question for a TV actress is about her desire to work in movies, "Yes. I'll will, but again with a good team on a good project."

Savaira reminisces about the past, "When I was 15 years old I used to have a picture in my mind that after ten years I'll have my own company, my own car, I'll be working all the time and I'll be having certain kinds of friends around me.

Now, I feel that Almighty Allah was really kind to me as I have achieved what I have aimed and worked painstakingly for to a considerable extent. Still there is a long way to go because the field I happen to be a part of, confronts a new challenge every next day."

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