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Nutritional information for the Immune system

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Nutritional information for the Immune system
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Nutritional information for the Immune system
For over 2000 years since early classical times, the existence of the thymus gland has been known, but doctors have puzzled over the function of this pinkish-gray bit of tissue lying just below the neck and behind the breastbone.

For years many strange theories abounded among early physicians, some thought its function was to nourish the fetus or to prevent the premature expansion of the lungs. The doctors of today came to regard it, like the appendix, as a useless organ which had lost its original purpose, if indeed it ever had one.

Much of our primitive knowledge originates from investigations made in Europe and especially in England around the turn of the century. With the demonstration of the endocrine function of thymus gland by Burnet, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1965, medical interest was focused on the thymus gland. A number of physicians and research scientists have begun fitting the pieces of the puzzle together, and some rather startling facts have arisen that may change the future of preventive medicine.

Since the work of Burnet in the early 60's, immune research has shown that the thymus gland plays a central role in the mammalian immune system. All vertebrates possess an immune system that serves as a surveillance mechanism for protection against micro-organisms and perhaps the development and spread of candel cells..

There are two different immune systems in the body. One is made up of B cells. They protect against viral and bacterial infections. The other one is composed of T cells, it is the most important of the two. The T cells guard against other viral infections, myccobacterial infections, fungal infections, and cancers. The instant the lymphocytes spot a foreign organism in the body they begin to produce antibodies against it, and they i\n turn alert other cells to manufacture antibodies too.

According to Dr. Goldstein the so-called diseases of aging - like rheumatoid arthritis, myasthenia gravis, and the other serious auto-immune diseases, a whole host of infectious diseases, and all forms of cancer - result largely from a weakening of the T cell immune system. The fact is that the incidence of teh diseases of old age occurs in direct proportion to a decline in the number of T cells that comes with age. In other words as the T cell system becomes weaker as we grow older, we fall victim to cancer and those other miserable diseases of aging.

Recently Dr. Paul B. Chretien and his colleagues at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, reported on a very significant medical trial. They administered high-dose thymosin for just six weeks in conjunction with intensive chemotherapy to 21 patients with advanced cancer. The results were amazing. The median survival rate was more than doubled. Ordinarily patients with lung cancer at this stage might have expected to live an average of 240 days. Instead they lived more than 500 days. Some were alive and disease -free two years later! If this initial trial is confirmed by other studies, thymosin may prove to be one of mankind's best new weapons against cancer.

Dr. Jerry Daniels, Chief of Rheumotology at the University of Texas medical branch in Galveston, administered thymus extracts for periods up to two years to six patients with systemic lupus another agonizing disease. The results were very encouraging.

Hormones produced by the thymus may also stimulate the female reproductive system. Research work was done by Robert W. Rebar and Ahira Miyahe of the University of California School of Medicine in San Diego. Their finding may have practical implications, the researchers believe. For instance, thymus extract might be successfully used with women who do not ovulate because of a luteinizing hormone-releasing factor deficiency, thereby bringing about luteinizing hormone-releasing factor production from the hypothalamus as well as ovulation.

Nutritional supplementation can increase the level of thymus function and T cell production and increase the concentration of thymosin, the thymus hormone.

Enzymatic Polypeptide Fractions are a group of Thymic factors and free amino acids which make up the Thymus hormones. These hormones include Thymosin al, Thymosin B1, Thymopietin 11, and Thymic Humoral FActor.

How to Nutritionally Support Thymus Function

Based on the current research and the present knowledge of the thymus function, its importance in infectious diseases, and disease of aging, the following formula has been designed. These ingredients will provide nutritional support for the thymus function and its production of thymus hormones.

Thymus Enzymatic Plypeptide Fractions

Crude Thymic Fraction

Raw Spleen

Raw Lymph

Raw Bone Marrow

Raw Pituitary

Zinc (chelate)

Selenium (chelate)


Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

Trypsin NF

B1 (Thiamine HCL0




Blue Flag

Golden Seal

Vitamin E (Natural D-alpha)

Echinacea is one of the most powerful blood purifiers and stimulating antiseptic and ant putrefactive agent known to mankind, according to the great Dr. John R. Christopher. It is very useful in arresting pus-formation, and valuable for correcting autoinfection. Echinacea was introduced as potent remedy and no explanations of its action has been satisfactorily given. That a simple herb should possess such remarkable therapeutic power and not be a poison itself, is still to be solved.

Blue Flag works in supporting function with Echinacea as it is healing to the lymphatic system. Blue Flag is most effective for cleansing impurities from the blood and as a resolvent of inflammations. When unhealthy conditions are present in the case of aging etc., the liver in most cases is overloaded and stressed. Blue Flag is a powerful live stimulant, some claim it to be as therapeutic as mandrake root and far less irritating. I clears the bile ducts of catarrhal obstructions and restores the normal flow of bile. Blue flag stimulates the glands, increases liver and pancreatic function. It is alternative and cholagogue. It promotes waste and excretion, two processes necessary before any repair can take place. In broad terms, it is a remedy for "bad blood" or to imperfect lymphatic elimination.

Golden Seal is one of the most powerful and beneficial tonics in the herb kingdom. It effectively tones the tissues it contacts, increases and improves the appetite, gastric secretions and flow of bile, and aids in digestion.

Dr. John Christopher considers Golden Seal to be one of the best general medicinal aids in the entire herbal kingdom.
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