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mother's touch (hot story i write)

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mother's touch (hot story i write)
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mother's touch (hot story i write)
Hi Everyone! I wrote this story and submitted it to, but I wanted to get it out there since i do not think they have the most readers. I will also submit it to in the future maybe.

Also, sorry for my english, I know it is poor in some places. If you like it, please rate it on, and if you do not like it, I would like your feedback!

I knelt on the bed between her legs widespread blonde, my fingers slide in and out of her pussy overflowing.

"Oh, Vineal," she moaned. "I'm coming, I'm coming!" Her inner thighs with her juices streaming.

"Well," I said softly. "Thats the sixth time. Want to try for seven? "She shook her head as my free hand rubbing her flat stomach and then slipped under it. With one thing and another, all very nice, it was almost an hour before finally emptying my balls in it stomach as she shivered her way through its seventh and final orgasm.

"I've never met a man like you," she said as we lay side by side in the afterglow. "I've never been fucked like this before. You're unbelievable."

I said nothing, but this is not the first time I heard something like that. I know how to treat a woman in bed, how to give her what she needs and wants. And why?Because I had the best teacher possible - my mother.

My parents separated when I was at a local college. My father walked on her own, and it was logical for me to go live with my mother, to save money and give it some company at the same time. How do I know what kind of society it really needed?

One afternoon, she asked me to come to her room to open a window for her wayward. As I struggled with the scarf, I noticed that she had to take a shower because it felt so nice: fresh and, well, woman. I had a lot of friends by then, if I was not really a virgin, but no relationship has lasted beyond a few dates. Yet I was surprised at my reaction when, as she pushes one end of the window while I drove to the other, her robe fell open. My cock went from soft to hard rock in an instant, and I could not catch my breath.

"Love?" said my mother. She let go of the window and pulled the dress completely open far enough for me to see her big heavy breasts. Dark nipples stood out, just waiting for my mouth on them.

All I could do was to die "I love him."

"Kiss and then," my mother murmured, pushing her chest in my direction. I was much taller than she was, and I knelt before her to make it easier for us both.She moaned softly as I kissed her right nipple. That complaint grew louder as I kissed my way through the left nipple, sucking gently. When my mouth is back to her right breast, the hard work that my hand grasps her left breast just below the nipple, the groans groans mixed with pure breathless.

The next thing I knew, I was on the bed with my mother. Her dress was on the ground and she was struggling with my clothes, with my help as much as I could. I continued to work on her breasts until she started to give me further instructions, which I followed to the letter.

"Squeeze my a..," she said, getting out of bed a bit. I slid my hands under her, and they squeezed the cheeks separated, and then pressing them back together. Then she landed on the bed and spread her legs for me as widely as we walk on every corner. "Look at me, oh, look at me," she breathed, and watched and touched too.

She was delighted to show me each of her most intimate places. I nuzzled and kissed her outer lips, and then she helped me to integrate them gently to see in the afternoon light very beautiful pink inner lips, the dark opening them, and her clitoris standing to above, a miniature version of the boner I now drag on the bed. She even called to give me a peek at her wrinkled (I am asshole).

Right now, I was mad with desire for my mother. Fortunately, she knew what a young man needed most of all. "Mount me," she said, and I did. She grabbed my swollen cock with both hands, the first time she had touched him, and I almost right then. It perfectly aligned with its hole in weeping. "(I am fucked) me," she said, and I did.

I became a man that day, sobbing and shouting between the legs of my mother.Nothing had happened with a young girl was in any way prepared me for this. I shot my first load right up her pussy, and for the first time in my life, I kept on my hard drive instead of sliding. As I fucked my Mother Earth herself against me harder and harder until she came too, her pussy throbbing around me and hugging me as if she never let me go, never. This set of my second orgasm, which dumped nearly as big a load in it than the first.

The day was far from over. After cleaning myself, my mother taught me the ways of gently her clitoris. She let me try with my lips and tongue, guide me in the right direction with just a word or two, or a bit over my head towards her ultimate pleasure. I learned to bring to a climax quickly, and when and how to extend her excitement until it is begging and screaming: "Get off me! Let me go! "

As the last act of the day, she had me lie on their backs, climbed on me, and rocked and rocked on my cock. For the first time she kissed me like a lover, her tongue tangling with mine until we were both out of breath. Finally, she came in absolute silence, and I felt her pussy muscles tighten around my shaft until I did the same thing. I fell in a short sleep, and when I woke up, I cleaned everything again and it disappeared.

I did not spend every night in her bed by any means. But once, twice or three times a week, I would come to her room in the afternoon, at night or early morning for further instructions. We have done everything. I fucked with a dildo, and I buzzed her clit with a vibrator. The night I got my job with the first shot, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

Her mouth was so hot, so hot, and tighter than any pussy I had never been in it licked me slowly from top to bottom and back, ensuring that I was good and wet.Then she spent a lot of time just a bath in my scrotum in her warm spit. And meanwhile, her hands were moving. When her mouth was gently rubbing my balls together, she stroked my cock. When she was done sucking my cock, she stroked my balls or my inner thighs, or pressed on special place between my scrotum and my butt.

Finally, she stopped playing with me and began to suck serious, and after that it was not very long at all before I screamed and blew my wad, pumping her mouth so full of my hot come that it oozed out the corners of her lips and chin. She swallowed every drop, she was in her mouth herself, then scooped the excess with a finger and licked clean. When she was done, my balls felt like raisins.She carefully cleaned with her tongue and lips, and soon we were both ready for the next round of (I am fucked).

Not that I've never had a date in those years. My mother encouraged me to go out, see people, play the field as much as I could. But she taught me to control myself in bed, to give my twenty-something girlfriends as much satisfaction they had ever had any rights. Why not? It was not like I have not had much sexual excitement - and jism - remains for her.

Sometimes we talk about these dates, and my questions spark a sexual lesson.Tell my mother about the girl that my fingers (I am asshole) as she whispered to my mother drove me fingering my a.. like she gave me a blow job even hotter. She pushed the finger up inside me, stimulating my prostate to orgasm extreme.Then I was fingering (I am asshole) of my mother, and soon she asked in her voice warmer to replace my finger with my hard cock. I could not believe it. On her hands and knees on the bed, my mother spread her cheeks for me and begs me to (I am fucked) her a... And when I started pumping, she played with her clit until she came with me to the right.

One afternoon I was (I am fucked) her a.. while she gets fucked with dildo even liked to use on her pussy. This has been a switch. I could feel the friction of the hard penis against my reply flesh and blood in the cock a very different pace, and it was easy for me to imagine I was in a threesome with my mother and another man. Sometimes, she suggested that we spend the day playing a game Sometimes I was her doctor and had him give a pelvic exam. Sometimes she dresses like a hooker, went to a shady bar, and allowed me to pick her up and take him to "my" house for the night. On these occasions, she used to suck me as I drove the two of us at home. Each time I learned something, a new way to please a woman's body, mind and heart.

No woman I know has something like my mother's skills. And when I get compliments from women of today, I just always remember who taught me everything I know.

THATS THE END Tell me what you thought, and if you liked it, plz rate it on

Thanks and I have one more story I am writing... I will post it later
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