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Dr Maqsood Hasni
Senior Proud Pakistani
Senior Proud Pakistani

Joined: 09 Jun 2007
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Location: punjab


Experience, no doubt, has a great importance in life. An experienced person deserves greater pay and better position than that of an unexperienced person. Two persons having equal practical capability and working in the same field (are appointed)/work at two different posts. Sometimes an unexperienced highly educated person is rejected while an experienced and less educated person is selected. Mostly whenever an advertisement of vacancies is presented/published, along with educational ability, experience is also mentioned. Without experience, a person even having educational ability is not selected for interview. Advice sought from an experienced person even if he has less academic qualification. The importance and need of experience, without doubt, cannot be ignored nor it should be.
The reason is that the charm and energy of life are related with experience and the practical form of something is the proof of experiment. The certificate issued from a firm shows the experience but it does not show what a person has done. In every thesis, the study, observation and experience of a researcher shows his hard work. The formulae and their acceptance in market show the experience of the person who. Similarly, the discovery made by a practical person shows his experience.
If experience is judge with this reference and something is granted on this basis, it will not be nonsense, unjust, stupid and unbeneficial. In other words, there should be some practical written form of this experience.
By:Maqsood Hasni
Translated by: Prof Niamat Ali

By Carlan on Sunday, March 26, 2006 - 2:21 pm

I think that like most things of life that oneís experiences are worth what one can get for those experiences. In other words, I think that experience will only get you so far in life and not one meter farther. I think experience can advance a person and an endeavor but I think that many times those same experiences can keep a person from advancing, too.
I think that the price we put on experience is increased when that particular experience is in great demand, however, when the demand is lessened by either less demand or more people available who have that same particular experience the price, of course, subsides in due course. Other times, the resources available to pay out for a particular experienced person is not feasible and, therefore, a less experienced and even a less qualified person is hired.
Sometimes, a less experienced person is hired because the hirer does not want to hire the more experienced person because he or she believes, for one reason or another reason, that the less experienced person will make a better fit into their companyís future growth. Sometimes, though we prefer to hire the more experienced person to fill a position we realize that to do so will not increase our companyís ability to fulfill itís financial obligations in any real way so we hire the less experienced and the lower cost person and we accomplish growth and financial stability at the same time.

I think that if you are a person that has charm going for you in life that you will go far in whatever you attempt to do and your lack of experience in making that attempt will not hinder you in any way. I do not have that charm so I have had to go a different route. I call it the route of dumb luck.

I used to think that my experience should some how put me ahead of some other less experienced people where I worked but over time I learned differently. I learned that charm would have carried me farther and I learned that while experience and education had its benefits that age, race, club membership, religion, family heritage, schools attended had their place to play in getting promoted. I found that sometimes for reasons unknown to me that some people in charge of my ability to advance just did not like me very much.

I know of some people that have lots of experience doing busy-work or work that looks and sounds very impressive but at the end of the week their enormous efforts accomplished nothing worthwhile. I have seen people whose experiences and whose educational accomplishments became their mantra for their believing that the rest of humankind owed them something whether they gave us something or not in return. Then, these same people wondered why it was that they did not receive what they believed they deserved. They did, of course, receive what they deserved, however, they were unaware of what it was because they could not see pass their own self-serving and self-deluding attitudes.
There was a child who was burned inside and outside of her body. The doctors did not know if she was to live or die!? They treated her burns, but not knowing what to do about her insides, they just explained to the little girls parents, "all we can do at this point is wait and see." Weeks go by and miracously the burns heal, but the doctors than discover her liver is failing and if she does not get one she will die in a matter of weeks. The child was hopeless, tired,in pain,cold, and cries for her mother and just tells her mother that "I am ready to die, I don't feel good!" Her mother holds her through the night until the little girl falls asleep. A week later the little girls blood levels are fine.
The girl is older now and is a very strong person, she has nervous break downs from time to time, and lives with seizures. "LIFE EXPERIENCE.."
Yours and others life makes you learn and can make you a better, sronger, worse, weeker person. But you have to make the choice. Who are you, What are you?
We have to try so hard to get to the better, or remain in the same,
but no matter how hard we do try their is someone out there better.
Live life.
Feedthebirds, I feed a few birds myself, not to assure them their survival or to assure my own survival. I do it to have them entertain me a little each day.

Your story about the little girl here is another story that tells me how resilient the human body can be at times where we think that it will not be ever able to recover. So, you say the girl is older now is a very strong person even though she has some kind of nervous breakdowns from time to time and she lives with seizures, too. She is a remarkable young lady, indeed. I wish her the best now and in her future, as well.

Yes, what a life experience and it is one that most of us never want to experience. I look at some life experiences as things we do not want to avoid because in those experiences we think that they will help us to define what we, at that particular time, believe we want out of our lives. Then, in other life experiences I see them as experiences we want to avoid because we believe that they will be harmful to us in some way or another and so, we spend a lot of time successfully avoiding them. I also see some other life experiences as experiences that we want to avoid too but for one reason or another reason we cannot avoid them and, therefore, we must endure them the best that we can. All of our experiences help us or hurt us in one way or another way. The root problem about any of our experiences, the good ones and the bad ones and the terrible ones is that we experience all of them in our own boarded up thinking mind. With our isolated mind we think thoughts when experiencing a particular event that no one around us may think or could think even though some people may have experienced or felt that they experienced that very same type of an event. We take from any event what we perceive or conceive as that eventís lessons and we build thoughts in our heads using those lessons that only we and a few other people of this world might also have learned. The lessons learned by us might not have anything to do with actual reality because they might be lessons that we fabricate in such a way that their unreality becomes our whole lifeís reality. We might carry the scars on our face and on our hands where we think everyone can plainly see them and we might carry the worst scars of all in our hearts and in our minds where we let them fester and seep into our very soul. Either way we cannot just forget about them and move on with our lives. No, we can only endure them the best that we can. This seems totally hopeless on the surface of it; however, it is not because believe it or not we as human beings are even more resilient than the lowly cockroach when it comes to ensuring our own preservation. But that resilient thought must come from within ourselves where we can grasp it and surround it in our own mindís fortress and I think for many people this can only be done by speaking to a person that has the ability to actually understand their thinking mind. Where is that person? Well, I am not sure where he or she is but if you spend time looking for her or him, you will find them, of that I am sure.

Yes, someone is always worst off than we are and there is always someone better off than us, too, but when in your own mind you feel like you would rather be dead than alive, does anyone think for a minute that you really care about which person is either worse off or better off than you?

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