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Part 1

So We have made the Qur'an easy in thy tongue that thou mayest give thereby glad tidings to the righteous, and warn thereby a contentious people (19:9Cool

Wisdom is only for God to grant to whoever He pleases.
It is very possible that someone who may merely read or hear the Quran once (or a simple verse), may be able to grasp far more insight into the Quranic wisdom, than one who may be an expert of the Arabic language and has dedicated their life to research of Quranic studies and Islamic history.

A lack of knowledge of the Arabic language should also not deter or impede one from extracting guidance from the Quran in any way they can. As an example, no one would argue that only the world’s population that speak fluent Arabic are the sole entities that can understand and grasp the Quran’s true message. Nor will a PhD in the Arabic language find in the Quran an appropriate directive to stone an adulterer to death even though it is enshrined in Islamic Shariah.

The Quran does not appeal to the reader based on its language par excellence. Rather, it appeals on the basis of the arguments it presents.

Of course, this does not imply that commitment does not pay dividends. One can only hope to achieve what they strive for and indeed a better understanding of the script language (Arabic), would definitely aid study and such an endeavor to learn the language, in particular the classical text is invaluable.

However, the absolute requirement of the Arabic language to seek proper guidance is often unnecessarily laboured and used as an Ad-Hominem by many clergy that attempt to rest control over and impart their particular ideologies. As mentioned above, wisdom is only for God to bestow and to whom He wills. Therefore, true students can only humbly and sincerely implore their Lord to grant it to them, if He so wills.

Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) said:
"Verily he who has nothing of the Qur’aan in his heart, is like
a house (which has been) destroyed.”

Similarly, the Quran is not the property of any one individual, sect, group or ideology. It is a discourse from God and to anyone that wants to engage with it. Quite simply, it is a discourse with mankind.

Three guiding principles should be noted when embarking on a study of the Quran which has been briefly covered in another article:
(1) Any serious attempt at Quranic ‘Tafsir’ or interpretation should be performed primarily in light of the Quran itself.

(2) Unqualified verses or narratives must be understood in the context and light of qualified verses or narratives.

(3) Lack of ‘perceived’ details of an event does not require one to source other material with a view to arbitrarily ‘fill them in’. Many verses have subtle nuances and are complete in that they make clear the general purport of the message and wisdom they intend to impart. Intricate details are not of its concern. God does not run out of words.

the Qur’aan is better than the world and all
that is in it

As soon as we open the Qur'an we encounter a hitherto completely unfamiliar genre of literature. We notice that it embodies precepts of belief and conduct, moral directives, legal prescriptions, exhortation and admonition, censure and condemnation of evildoers, warnings to deniers of the Truth, good tidings and words of consolation and good cheer to those who have suffered for the sake of God, arguments and corroborative evidence in support of its basic message, allusions to anecdotes from the past and to signs of God visible in the universe. Moreover, these myriad subjects alternate without any apparent system; quite unlike the books to which we are accustomed, the Qur'an deals with the same subject over and over again, each time couched in a different phraseology.
The reader also encounters abrupt transitions between one subject matter and another. Audience and speaker constantly change as the message is directed now to one and now to another group of people. There is no trace of familiar division into chapters and sections. Likewise, the treatment of different subjects is unique. If a historical subject is raised, the narrative does not follow the pattern familiar in historical accounts.

In discussions of philosophical or metaphysical questions, we miss the familiar expressions and terminology of formal logic and philosophy. Cultural and political matters, or questions pertaining to man's social and economic life, are discussed in a way very different from that usual in works of social sciences. Juristic principles and legal injunctions are elucidated, but quite differently from the manner of conventional works. When we come across an ethical instruction, we find its form differs entirely from anything to be found elsewhere in the literature of ethics.
The reader may find all this so foreign that his notion of what a book should be that he may become so confused as to feel that the Qur'an is a piece of disorganized, incoherent and unsystematic writing, comprising nothing but a disjointed conglomeration of comments of varying lengths put together arbitrarily. Hostile critics use this as a basis for their criticism, while those more favorably inclined resort to far-fetched explanations, or else conclude that the Qur'an consists of unrelated pieces, thus making it amenable to all kinds of interpretations, even interpretations quite opposed to the intent of God Who revealed the Book.

Those who rehearse the Book of Allah, establish
regular Prayer, and spend (in Charity) out of what
We have provided for them, secretly and openly,
hope for a commerce that will never fail: (29) For
He will pay them their meed, nay, He will give
them (even) more out of His Bounty: for He is OftForgiving, Most Ready to appreciate (service). (30)

How to study Quran?

1. Start small - don’t try to learn too much at once. Start with Surah Al-Fatiha.
2. Visit the site Firdaws Academy (to learn Quran online) from the comfort of your home.
3. On this site you will find a lot of teachers who are highly qualified Egyptian teachers who graduated from majestic Islamic universities such as Islamic University of Madinah and Al-Azher University …Etc. Al Azhar is Egypt’s oldest university and the world’s premier center for Islamic learning.
4. This site also has online Islamic courses are suitable for kids and adults who don’t have a time to go to mosque or there is no any Islamic Institute near their home. So, they can learn Online Islamic courses with Live Quran Tutor. Whatever they want, whether they want to learn Quran, Arabic and Islam; Firdaws Academy offers amazing online Islamic courses, designed to teach them basic Islamic Knowledge and Muslim beliefs, to learn the true and beautiful teachings of Islam.
5. Now
6. Here you will find 3 tafsirs - but read Ibn Kathir and Maududi for now relating to the ayats you are studying. Make notes. Especially note the reasons behind why some of the ayats were revealed - this brings the Quran alive.
7. All of this will give you a very good understanding of the ayats you are studying.
8. Remember don’t try to learn too much too quickly. Remember the Quran asks you to “(This is) a Book (the Quran) which We have sent down to you, full of blessings that they may ponder over its Verses, and that men of understanding may remember.” (38:29). So take your time and think about the verses.
9. As far as learning Arabic I found in my experience in a regular course to learn Arabic they start to teach you about the 14 forms of the Arabic verb in its myriads of moods and I know myself and many of my friends got put off by this archaic way of learning Arabic as our aim was to understand the Quran and not become Arabic Grammarians. Many years ago I found a course that taught Quranic Arabic using ayats from the Quran itself. It was led by an old professor from a local university (who I suspect has passed away by now - may Allah (swt) grant my teacher jannah). From that point on I only concentrated on Quranic Arabic and left the “the green book is on the big table” kind of Arabic. I found the book “Arabic Through the Qur'an (Islamic Texts Society) Paperback – 29 Sep 2005 by “ quite useful for this purpose. (Available on Amazon and no I am not the author Smile )
10. Remember that what you are setting out to do is not an easy task but in my opinion this task is the very purpose of life and fully encourage you not to leave it. May Allah (swt) grant you success.

From Anas ibn Malik who said that Allah's Messenger (sas) said: Verily Allah has his family members among people. They said: And who are they, O Messenger of Allah? He (sas) said: They are the people of the Qur'an the people of Allah and his select ones.

REMEMBER TAKE NOTES Smile Knowledge is only that which remains with you and only that you note will remain with you - merely reading a lot is not gaining knowledge but a pastime.

Enlightenment of the Hearts!
Quran is Allah’s Noor

Lets Enlighten our lives with it!
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