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Does The True Islam Stand Out?

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Does The True Islam Stand Out?
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Does The True Islam Stand Out?
Does the true Islam stand out?

Seeing what is going on all around in the world it seems a good idia to explain what islam really is. As I understand the quran, islam is a deen not a mazhab. In other words islam has nothing to do with dogmas, superstition, demons and magic or mysteries etc. Islam is a goal set for mankind by their creator and the quran is its revolutionary text book, manifesto and constitution all in one.

In order to understand islam properly and therefore to know why all existing translations/interpretations of the quran are wrong one needs to know about imperialism, role of imperial priests through out history and origin of split between religion and state as a trick or ploy to fight against divine rule. Kings and priests used each other to gain power over land and people by excluding God from his own kingdom through their tricks against their own masses as well as by using their own masses against others. Kings gained right to dictate their own laws in their kingdoms in the name of God through backing of their priests who confined God to heavens and then priests by their own tricks invented so called personal or private laws in the name of God and controlled private lives of their people. Thus land became property of kings and people became property of priests to use and abuse at will in the name of God.

The quran makes this point very clear and tells us none has the right to rule in the name of God save God himself and this is how the quran defines shirk, which is in fact rebellion against rule of God by people who do not rule by constitution of God.

This sets the context in which the quran makes sense but since the quran taught human brotherhood in the name of God not slavery of man for man the kings and their mullahs masked the quran by their deliberate misinterpretations and misrepresentations in order to move quranic islam out of their way. They also invented some ahadith and some laws as shariah of islam in order to move people away from the quran by telling them virtue lies in things that had no benefits for people themselves as individuals nor as a community.

This explains why religious people are totally unreasonable because that is how ignorant people have been programmed. Spreading ignorance, diverting teachings and masking the true meanings of the quranic terminology all played part in creating the state in which we find muslims nations today.

This also explains why would rich and powerful people and governments would support mullahs and madrassas to give bad name to islam and keep muslims ignorant so that they could quietly take away or take over their lands and resources without much resistance. It is like you give a sweet to a child and take away from him the piece of gold. So the local, national and international world agreements are sham because they have been draughted with craftiness to make fool of ignorant and illiterate, not so clever people.

This also explains origin of TAREEQAT=the way of God or the way to God. As Allah sent prophets and books and the divine rule was established on the earth by prophets and their followers, each time some bullies rose from within the community and began to dominate others and so ended divine rules on the earth. These people then did not tolerate those who really looked back to divine kingdom and wished to recreate it. Such people were bitterly opposed and brutally murdered because they posed danger to rules of kings and priests. As a result each time these people came under threat they started underground movements spreading proper message of God person to person in secret in order to gain enough support to bring back the divine rule. So these so called soofi movements were reactionary movements to what kings and priests did to divine rule in the divine kingdom. This is why nobody knows origin of these movements because they were started as secret movements right from the start ie after the first divine kingdon was brought down to regain the same. Just as shariah rule was divine rule once upon a time so tareeqat was original movement to bring back divine rule after it was dismantled. However even secret movement do not remain secret for long because ruling powers infiltrate them and then divert them to their own agendas but if they cannot then they are destroyed by them either from within or from the outside through conspiracies or direct open attacks. All these explanations fit all pieces of jigsaw together nicely. This is how they prove that this is the best explanation for their existence and their purpose. Tareeqat had nothing to do with superstition but after it was infiltrated then movement was derailed and so it too became a matter of purposeless ritualism.

The context of the quran is of vital importance to understand the quran. Without having the purpose of the quran in your mind you cannot understand the reason as to why a word should be taken to mean one thing in one place in its context but in another context it ought to be taken in another sense.

Let me give you some examples, take the words ZOJUKA= should you translate it as your wife or as your companion? It depends on the context ie if the context is private family life discussion, you can translate it as your wife but suppose the context was constitutional state administration and talking was about work colleagues? You will be forced by context to translate it as fellow administrator or fellow worker etc in administration.

Take another example, MAA MALAKAT AIMAANUKUM=if context was imperialism then these words would mean your slaves and maids but if you were talking in context of a constitutional administration within a brotherhood family environment then the same words would means people working under your responsibility or people for whose work you are rsponsible.

Take more examples in general use of language eg family relationship words.

UMMI=biological mother in one sense but you could be talking about a mother company, daughter organisation or sister country or community.

AABAA=bilogical father but could be predecessor, father of nation or tribe or first man who did something in some sense or someone who has some importance in some role eg like a father is important for a family.

Brother could be biological brother or a person who supports you in some sense eg fellow countryman, fellow human etc etc.

JIBAAL=mountains when talking about hills protruding from the earth however if we are talking about a human society then jibaal means heavy weights in the community ie people who have influence in the community or over a mass of people.

SAMAA and ARD=heaven and earth but when used in sense of community it means people who have high status in society and people who live down to earth level or even in a ditch ie indignity.

JANNAT= garden or blissful place or state or divine kingdom here or in hereafter.

These examples should be enough to show when a word means what in the quran depends on what do you know about the quran and islam. For short, islam is a set goal for humanity by Allah to accomplish here on the earth for peace, progress and prosperity of the humanity itself.

The quran is text book for a revolution to change the world from what it is to what it should be ie before mankind the earth was a paradise but after creation of man due to man's self indulgence it became hell and Allah has been sending prophets and books to educate man to be a proper human being and make this earth a paradise like it used to be.

So the struggle between illiterate and ignorant human beings who want to decide everything by force and the ones educated and wise had been going on ever since. And people who are educated and think things through are making the difference little by little. The need for making this process quicker and quicker is obvious if we want to avoid a lot of pain and suffering that humanity is going through.

Islam is a very simple and straight forward concept eg take the message of the quran to individuals and ask them to give up individualism and gather into a community for purpose of bringing peace to humanity. The community is told to organise itself into a sensibly managed brotherhood as per framework explained in the quran and once organisational problems are sorted out get on with making the world a peaceful, progressive and prosperous place in the name of God and whoever tries his best for fulfilling this set goal or divine mission is told that better is yet to come for him in hereafter as well. However he who works against this goal is made clear that his future does not look good for him in here or in hereafter. So what could be more simple than this to grasp? There is nothing in this concept to fight over unless we have our own self created concepts of islam that have nothing to do with the quran. But then fighting is never going to stop because having wrong interpretations of the quran in our minds is like having no quran at all and we are just fighting each other for sake of fighting without any sense of any sensible purpose.

The quran is supposed to lead us to peace, progress and prosperity in here and yet better life in here after and if by following a certain concept as islam we are getting into fights and wars causing harm and destruction then obviously that is not islam. We must have taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way and would have come off the right track. With road map in our hands and the road right in front of us with road markings and direction boards or landmarks we should have no problem in reaching the right destination. Well let us hope that we do.

The quran sets terms and condition for peace for mankind and it is manifesto of islam for people who wish to join it and a constitution to build a good human society or community upon so that peace could be achieved between people so that then together through full cooperation and hard work humanity could make progress and becomes prosperous in the name of Allah and if it makes that commitment and works for it or succeeds in doing that Allah will award it in hereafter as well for what it would have achieved for itself. In other words people will be awarded for whatever good they do for each other and thereby make life great for each other. You do not get awards for harming and destroying things you get awarded for doing something worth while and what is more worth while than making this world a paradise here on the earth in the hope that you will be awarded fpor it in hereafter?

Those who will put obstacles in its way and cause harm and destruction instead would have a lot to regret over in the hereafter when they are made to realise what they did and how wrong it was.

Allah is not a tyrant and he did not create world for testing people to reward and punish them by seeing who is going to inflict bigger damage and destruction upon his kingdom and its people. This is all mullahs made stuff. Allah is very kind being and like a good father figure decided to have creation and then he wanted people to be free agents so he gave them everything including his advice and let them do as they please and face the consequences and outcome of their own actions. The quran explains all that is essential regarding the world and people this is why understanding the quran will save us from wasting our time and effort in doing useless things. It is like our parents tell us to go from a to b and give us road map to get there but we decide to go our own way throwing away the map and getting into all sorts of troubles and blaming our parents for all this. Where is sense in all this?

As I see it the life after death is as real as life in this world. Most of us may be confused due to concept the mullahs have been pushing forth. That is crazy to say the least but it suited them to make fool of people. In my view the quran talks about life after death in a different way as I explained.

The mullahs' way is, God is a tyrant and a crazy being because he created people for setting them test in form of ritualism and their self made crazy shariah law if one passes test then he gets a lot of goodies (women and drink etc) but if one fails then he will be roasted in hell for ever. Crazy mullahs and crazy thoughts. No respect for God or humanity. This is has no real sense of any goal or constitution etc etc. This makes it clear to us that mullahs' concept is their own creation nothing to do with the quran.

I think when people criticise islam they are responding to mullahs version of never mind this worldly life just look forward to hereafter. Well that is how they brought us to brink of destruction with their interference in quranic basic concepts.

In quranic context this life is of vital importance that we make it a success because according to how successful we try to make this life for each other that people will be awarded in hereafter. Anyone who ignores this life has nothing to do with the understanding of the context of the quran.

As I understand from the quran, Allah gave us all we will ever need eg all sorts of provisions, advice and guidance, and the freewill and capabilities to do whatever we wish and as we wish. It is now up to us humans what we make of this world ie a paradise for ourselves or a hell hole and in hereafter we will also be facing consequences of all our actions in full and rewarded or awarded accordingly. So people who ignore this concept of the quran are the cause of the problem be they secular or mullahs.

The test is not who can make this world hell for oneself and others and get hoories and wines, this is what mullahs think but who can make it paradise and get what s/he deserves ie a pleasant life with which one will be as happy as one can be. The idea is similar to what we struggle for in this life and awarded for by others as token of appreciattion for what we have done for ourselves and others.

In short the quranic message lies in the book and most people are just running after holy men of their choice. What a tragedy! May Allah inspire humanity to learn his message properly and follow it properly because this is our only refuge. I mean every mullahs reads TAOOZ before opening up the quran, is that for throwing stones at the imaginary devil? How silly people can be. Just thinking about taooz can solve our problem ie we seek refuge in word of Allah because it guides us out of our troubles in which we place ourselves thanks to our ignorance of things and our stupidity. The quran is a complete program for getting out of troubles or solving our facing problems.

This book is not given to us for running after imaginary things thinking they are cause of our problems. We are real and our problems are real and this book is real and it is for our guidance about real things. Ignoring real world and looking for something that does not exist or does not matter for us, is not of any help for us in living our lives in a way that is conducive to our existence.

Some main points to remember

1) It is necessary for all who wish to talk to realise that language itself is the only way to communicate one's thoughts. Thoughts only make sense when they are rational or logical. LOGIC=MANTAQ=way of communication=language=vehicle for communication. So if it is not logical it is not a communication because what you are trying to communicate or covey makes no sense to those to whom you communicate.

2)All things that happen are bound by divine laws=physical laws=natural laws. Since all things that happen according to some law regardless we know that law or not therefore they have explanation regardless we know that explanation or not.

3)MOJIZA=miracle in urdu aqlan aajiz kar dene waali mantaqi daleel= to make such a logical point by way of rational argument that cannot be argued against or refuted and thereby proves the claims. We see lawyers doing that everyday in courts of law all over the world to prove or disprove each other's claims and allegations. A claim is either proved or disproved only by one party making such a reasonable point that the other party cannot undo it by their reasoning and so one party stops the other in its track thereby proving or disproving a claim that they fight over. MOJIZA does not means anything that has nothing to do with aqal=rationality.

4)By rejecting aqal one denies being a human being because the only thing that really makes difference is man's ability to understand things beyond the level of animals and that is why man is able to change his environment to suit him at much greater scale than any animal. For the same reason Allah tells him to go and control the natural world and use it for the benefit of mankind. So if one denies being above animals then none would bother communicating with such an animal. People love such animals who are willing to learn to communicate with humans but not those who do not and instead attack humans. Human babies are born ignorant 16/78 but are normally capable of learning and that is why even though they are just animals in human shape within several years of their life they can prove they are above animals. Therefore one denies oneself right of being heard if one wishes to remain an animal after being born by not learning thereby refusing to become a human being. This also shows why Allah calls some people animals or even worst.

5) Imperial mullahs were animals because they were disloyal to humanity and God on behest of some bully boys who wanted to have the whole human world under their dirty thumb. This is why they employed there dirty animals to destroy rule of Allah in the earth each time prophets of Allah installed it for the benefit of humanity. Emperors ruled the world by telling people through their priests that God only rules in the heaven not on the earth. Earth is to be rules by these scoundrels. This is how kings and mullahs invented state and religion concepts and promoted them by full force of imperial power. This is why kings made laws for state affairs using name of God and mullahs made laws in the name of God for controlling private lives of people and both together then used and abused their own people as well as others whomever they could by attacking and plundering them. This is why kings' islam is not real islam and mullahs' islam is not real islam either. It is because it inflicted harm and destruction upon individuals as well as upon whole of humanity instead of leading them to peace, progress and prosperity.

6)It should leave one in no doubt that sir syed understood this point very well seeing how mullahs have turned muslims ummah into an ignorant people as if they are just animals and therefore in to a dead nation or ummah. He was the only one who met the challenge after he began to look for solutions after knowing what the problem was ie lack of proper education that makes people logical thinkers. Education is opposed by rulers always because when public become educated it becomes self aware and tries to understand its problems and realises their solutions. Since main problems are rulers regardless in form of kings, politicians or their mullahs so as soon as public becomes educated it can see its enemies and that means it is going to turn their rule upside down therefore they ensure in many different way that public remain illiterate or less educated and under their thumb. However it has a double edge sowrd effect ie even though rulers succeed in making fool of their own people under them, others from outside may become aware of this weakness and therefore attack the people from outside and take over the land of these weaklings, killing all people or keep some as slaves and maids.

This is like a bad family where the ignorant father of the house tries to keep his wife and kids under his thumb. He does not want them to become clever than him because if they did he fears they will then not listen to him. The down side is that when these kids grow up they cannot compete with kids of the families that based their cooperation upon reasoning thing through together. So one can see if control is by rule of law or house keeping rules then all are bound by same laws and rules so everyone knows his cut out part in this that one has to play but full heartfelt cooperation is fundamental for this idea to succeed. However if control is to be by force then whenever a situation arises for doing anything some body will have to become controlling freak to make everyone do the same thing that the controlling freak wants regardless of reason or purpose. It is therefore clear that tension between these people will always run high. It is called alpha mentality found in animal kingdom eg amongst monkeys.

It should be clear from these points that if islam=peace which it does than rule by kings and mullahs is not allowed in islam because in islam it has to be rule that gives humanity peace, progress and prosperity not harm and destruction.

This is why sir syed is right and all who oppose him are wrong when he takes stand in favour of rationality. One can also see why educated people who can think critically support sir syed's stand and why selfish, greedy, stupid people or ignorant support rulers and mullahs. The quran supports sir syed on rationality and opposes ruling elite and their mullahs due to their stupidity.

One must always remember that the divine constitution is supreme not any person be he a prophet of Allah, see 3/64,79 and 9/31 etc.

When any people want to form an organisation they let their related public know about it by communicating why they need to do that and how they are going to do it. Once people are convinced by them and support them then they form organisation and if they need wider support then they spread information about this organisation by spreading its manifesto and constitution so that people who have similar ideas in mind come to them and expand the organisational activities. The quran tells us same thing about the prophets ie how they approached their people telling them they know their problems and needs their support to solve them for them. This is how they gathered people around themselves and once they had sufficient supports they changed over the ruling from manmade constitutions to God sent constitutions which they taught to their people. Muslims today need to do the same thing but they need to be careful that they do not replace nonmuslim imperialism with muslim imperialism as they did in the past. It has to be khilaafate nabavi not rule of kings and mullahs or crazyu and corrupt politicans.

Islam is all about joining together under umbrela of the quran as the divine constitution, under the leadership of the final divine messenger who brought the quran and that is it. NO FIRQA NO MULLAH NO FASAAD. Again it was iqbal who realised mullahs were FASAAD KI JAD ie imperialist mullahs were root of all problems.

All mullah based interpretations of the quran are fundamentally anti quran therefore using them to defend islam is actually attacking islam. Quran is for peace, progress and prosperity of humanity but mullahs tell things to destroy it. My posts need to to be read carefully because I have tried to explain things for those who wish to learn sense, however if anyone thinks one knows better then please lay down what you think islam is and let us benefit from what you know about islam and if you put forth solid explanation then it will be worth supporting, why not? Islam is based upon merit not force. Whoever talks better sense deserves our full support this is the only way forward not only for us muslims but the whole of humanity.

As far as quran is concern, it is based in rationality and on that basis it lays claims and points out evidences and backs them up with arguments to prove its claims. This is how the quran works. Perfectly scientific method. No mullahs nonsense and no mullah invented spiritual nonsense.

So called miraculous stories people are talking about could be explained other ways so that proves that these miracle stories are at least doubtful and therefore invalid claims. Also I explained already why any irrational claim is invalid but to make it more plain when something has rational explanation positively or negatively then there is no space in that case for doubt ie you have proved the claim either true or false. Doubtful claims can only be such as cannot be proven either way. They are then just possibilities. To me it seems people take mullahs interpretation of islam without its critical examination. It is because people do not realise or are not aware of what a proof is and what is difference between proof and evidence. Many people get confused in this because in dictionary meanings of proof and evidence are interchangeable, however in actual fact their meanings depend on the context in which these words are used. Proof is explanation of evident facts that one uses for proving a claim. For example, a witness sees someone shoot someone dead firing two shots. In court we have two parts one witness statement=evidence and the independent facts related to this incident. What police is going to do is match the gun with shooter through his finger prints on the gun and take out the bullets from the body of the dead person and through ballistics test show that bullets came from the gun of the shooter. So we have testimony of the witness and independently verified facts and we can see one thing matches the other so the case is proven ie this is how statements and facts come together or are brought together to turn them into a proof. Likewise The quran lays claims about this world, points out some evidences for observations and its explanation regarding those facts seems to fit perfectly thereby proving that it is word of Allah. Hope this helps to clarify the problem you may have understanding the quran as a proof of the revelation of God.

The quran is proof from Allah to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that it is from Allah.

If you look into the quran there are many many verses about the quran being proof from Allah in various ways. It claims none can produce the constitution or guidance like the quran and anyone is welcome to debate on this issue and one will see that the quran does prove true. It is because mullahs and peers etc wanted to make our people stupid that they have invented concept of mazhab and that is how they turned the quran into mumbo jumbo of their own. The reason they do this is because they want to rule people either as rulers and ruling elite or as their priests.

The quran tells us very clearly to be careful about clergy. In the quran we read 3/64,79 and 9/31 etc.

The quran does not allow us even to take his prophet anything more than that. Humanity is a brotherhood not a master slave thing, for all people are equal under the divine constitution. Better people ie those who work harder for humanity deserve our respect as such but nothing more than that.

It is because islam came to save man from slavery of man not to make people slaves of each other. If we look at video on youtube we can see how our people have lost our dignity by respecting our mullahs and peers in all sorts of wrong ways and also these people have done little for humanity as humans. It is particularly sad because these mullahs and peers do not stop people from doing these things which shows these people love seeing other people under their feet.

Islam is not about pooja paat=worship of Allah but about looking after each other in the name of Allah by servin g under the divine constitution. This is why he revealed for us knowledge as to how to organise ourselves as one family and work hard to make this world a paradise for ourselves. He did this so that we shed no blood and do no harm to each other but to look after each other by working hard for each other not against each other.

Compare this concept of islam to mullahs' concept of islam. What has that islam given to humanity so far and what will it give it in its future if we continue following that idea? So it is time to realise why we are not getting the results that Allah promised us because we have misinterpreted the quran and we ourselves can see that we have become zabaani kalaami musalmaan=lip service muslims exactly as mullahs wanted us. to be. All because like Adam we did not listen to Allah's advice and instead blindly followed our mullahs and rulers. We have no sense of purpose of things, we just do them because we assume they are good regardless if they actually are or they are not.

It is due to this people have become dispossessed, weak and poor without any dignity, because for any man who wants to meet set challenges must stand up, not lie down. This is how these mullahs and peers have made us lose our self respect and we are lying at the feet of these people and lying all over the tombs of dead people all over the place looking for help from the dead because the living have failed to help us and who made the living fail to help us these mullahs. How did they do that? By turning us useless even for ourselves. Mullahs are like bad mothers who instead of raising their children to become self relaint individuals become totally dependent upon their mothers to do everything for them. Just as rulers created laws to control us for their ends so have mullahs made laws to control us for their ends. Ruler made laws to control us in the name of state and mullahs control us through making laws about our private lives thereby controlling our private lives. Thus they have states within states. This is what secularism is also all about to use and abuse masses by playing games with the ignorant public through corrupt and crzy politicians and their powerful capitalist backers.

This is why our mullahs are funded even by nonmuslim states that benefit from stupidity of our people. We need to learn facts fast because time is running out. This is why understanding sir syed, iqbal, jinnah etc and creation of pakistan is very, very important. If we do not wake up to what people are doing to us then may be there will not be pakistan any more. Islam is such an ideology that has a lot of enemies both from outside as well as from inside and because pakistan was created for showing the world what islamic working model looks like so everyone is worried they will lose capitalism based economic slavery if real islam based muslims ever succeed in setting up such a state anywhere in the world.

Our poeple have little respect for people like sir syed, iqbal, jinnah and parwez because they do not know how clever these people were for the good of this ummah. Such people do not arise every day and that is why no such leader rose after them.

Manzil unay mili jo shrike safar na the

May be we do not know the harm and destruction caused by existing systems throughout the word. In india alone millions of people are harmed and destroyed in the so called world's largeest show piece capitalism based secualr democracy that was accepted by gandhi and nehru. Yet indian people call them fathers of nation. Iqbal and jinnah who deserved respect are criticised for rejecting the system in favour of islamic system.

My heart bleeds for these poor people in the world and that is why I am trying to educate people to wake them up from their stupid dreams so that we come together and create the world worth living in. So people should stop promoting stupidity in the name of religious education and poverty in the democracy and secularism by sticking to animal way of life based upon capitalism, which is actually based upon the idea of survival of the fittest.

Please think critically about islam if you are really interested in islam. You need to ask yourselves what is islam? Islam is a goal set by God for mankind to achieve or establish or accomplish in this world. The word itself simply means peace.

The quran is divine constitution of islam. It sets out terms and conditions for mankind to agree upon if they want or need peace. It is because without meeting these terms and conditions peace between people is impossible.

If anyone disagrees on this goal then he is challenged to come up with some other even better goal. If one does not accept working for peace and does not come with anything better than this then one is obviously looking for fights and wars. This is is why there is clear divide between those who see need for peace or want peace and those who do not and they are looking forward to opportunities or for creating opportunities for fights and wars. This is how then quran defines who is muslims and who is kaafir ie you are either with islam or you are against it.

The terms and conditions for peace are freedom of man from man ie none is master or slave of anyone else. Justice and fairness but based upon compassion and brotherly concern for each other. All this for ensuring human progress and prosperity so that all people could live in peace without envying each other and without animosity towards each other. Not only that but ensuring care for each other at best through sharing whatever they can offer each other to make life a pleasant experience for everyone.

This is the context of the quran in which whole of the quran must be interpreted and if you do not then you are a trouble maker because you do not know context of the quran and you are just giving meanings to verses without really knowing the bigger picture. This is how kings and mullahs dismantled islamic mosaic soon after the prophet. From then on people went in lot of different ways and remained that way to this day. All this because we do not read the quran nor try and look at what the world is. For proper understanding of the quran one must be a learned person who is aware of the world in which we all live, because the quran cannot be understood through isolating ourselves from the world realites, for that is what the quran is all about.

The quran is rational at least on a few fundamental basis;

1)People have brains and they can reason.

2)Nothing can be understood without learning and becoming wise about it.

3)The quran itself points to reason through so many explanations about things in the natural world eg explains natural phenomena, processes and mechanisms.

4)The quran claims to be divine constitution and constitution has to be rational otherwise it is not a constitution.

5) The quran claims to be guidance and guidance has to be rational or it would make no sense to its readers whom it wants to guide.

6) The quran claims to be for all people so if people do not have any common ground or mechanism for understanding it or if they do not have common rules of wisdom then the quran will be useless book because there is no other way to communicate information between human beings.

7) The quran wants peaceful campaign for its spread not armed struggle. However it wants muslims to remain ready for that too because once islam starts spreading it is going to step on the foot of harmful and destructive people who are already looking for a reasons to start fights and wars. Unless muslims defend themselves and people who support them and those who are oppressed and suppressed then there will not be left any muslims to spread the message of islam. This is what dawa and jihad are all about in quranic context. islam wants nothing less then peace, progress and prosperity of humanity and once that is established the mission is accomplished.

This should explain what was the reason for creation of Pakistan ie just to show the world a working model of islam so that if people liked it they could do the same in their own countries.

The prophet of of islam showed the working model of islam but thanks to kings and mullahs that state was dismantled soon after him in the 4th generation. However we are lucky that all pieces of that mosaic are still in our bag like a complete jigsaw puzzle and all we need to do is sit and work on reconstructing that picture and then build our world once more on that model.

So time to concentrate on what the quran really says not what mullahs spread around to mask the quranic truth. All make beliefs therefore must be discarded because so long as we stick to our make beliefs we can never understand the quran and never discover actual islam that was established by the prophet.

By dismantling the working model of islam muslims were led into confusion because imperial powers are not easy to resist. The people who had imperial mindset remained hidden in time of the prophet but they kept on working as much as they could towards re-establishing imperialism after the prophet removed it for establishing islam and so when they got opportunities they jumped at them and did their best to try and destroy islam even in life time of the prophet. In short imperialists have been working against divine rule always and they are at work even today. This is of vital importance to realise.

Cool The quran is a very detailed book when it comes to explanations of its role as a nation building manual and a constitution. It explains what a campaign is, how to campaign, and what for and when people come together how to bind them into a properly organised community and set up administration for them from among them and then goes on to explain procedures regarding the organisation and administration and so on and so forth. The quran leaves out nothing essential in these matters because it knows very well that unless a community is well organised and had good a administration, to accomplish and maintain peace and make progress and bring prosperity to mankind is impossible. This is why quran warns us, not to get slack in our knowledge of quran and real world or in following what we learn because otherwise the whole things will fall apart and then it will not be easy to rebuilt all this lost paradise.

Now one should go and compare what the quran teaches and what mullahs teach and what muslims follow and see if it truly represents islam anywhere in the world. If we continue taking that sense of islam as true and continue following that islam as we have been then what makes any of us think that we will get any different results than what we have been getting so far for many generations?

This should be enough to ring bells that we do need to have another good look at the quran and this time we must give it a look that it really deserves. It is because failing that will mean things will remain for masses as they have been ie slavery of masters.

This is why we must follow islam rationally as advised by sir syed and as a deen as advised by iqbal because these like people really had the right understanding of the quran in matters that really matter for the ummah.

No one rejected the hadith but yes all people reject those ahadith that they think are not ahadith of the prophet. They give their reasons for that and we should consider those and if they are found wrong then we will reject their assumptions regarding those reports. Otherwise sunnies do not accept shia hadith reports and shias do the same as regard sunni hadith reports. None of them are declared kaafir. Likewise ulema from sunnies and ulema from shias reject so many hadith reports even from within their own hadith books.

Moreover looking at tafaseer books one will see so many differences on so many levels regarding so many different things. If the prophet had explained the quran the way some people claim then again so many question arise eg why the differences? Where are all the explanations the prophet gave about all the verses? There is no answer for these like questions because many of these reports were invented to divert the quran under guidance of mullahs for their kings to find for them loop holes so that they could be free to use and abuse their own people and then use them to use and abuse other people in the name of God and islam.

These people were and still are responsible for making each other slaves, they created poverty for their own people and took away brotherhood and introduced animosity between their own people in order to further their own harmful and destructive personal interests. These kings gave mullahs backing to create nonsense personal laws in the name of islam and called it shariah and then used them to create state within state by getting control over private lives of individuals and that is what they are doing to date and this is what was responsible or was obstacle at the time of creation of Pakistan because mullahs knew that if Pakistan was created on basis of proper islam then they will lose their power over private lives of individuals and so they will have to find some other way to earn their living like everyone else. Even after creation of Pakistan ask yourselves, why there is no islamic law in Pakistan? It is because of mullahs' grip on jugular vein of people. They have psychologically damaged the ignorant public that they are afraid even to step outside their own doors without seeking permission of their mullahs whether their religion permits it or not.

This is why sir syed, iqbal, jinnah, parwez, etc etc cannot be paralleled by any of the mullahs of any sect and that can be very easily proven because mullahs and their followers can be very easily defeated in discussions and debates and that is why when they discuss and debate things they reply by danga fasaad=causing troubles and confusion instead of proving their claims about islam and quran. Fatwa is their most dangeorus weapon ie tell masses so and so is an apostate so anyone who kills him will go to paradise. That is how the end results of their discussions remain unknown and public remains confused. Also they discuss things that do not matter much for the ummah.

This explains why we are failing to bring people to proper islam and proper quranic message and instead are losing people to capitalism based secular democracy, because true concept of islam is not known to people. People who want to know islam rationally are thrown out by mullahs because they cannot answer their questions and ignorant who follow mullahs they do not know much about anything. It is good enough for them that their mullahs tell them make halwah and we will pray over it and your dady, mummy, etc will be ok in their graves and even in hereafter. Or people are busy running after magic and jinns so that they get what they want or so their worldly problems are solved as per their wishes without really bothering to do what needs to be done ie people are looking for a free ride=looking for something for nothing ignoring the God set universal laws that make the world go round.

No wonder people laugh at what we think islam is as a result of our ignorance about islam and we attribute that islam to the quran and Allah. What a shame but what can I say other than pray that Allah help us to use his guidance for its rightful purpose. So that we make our world a better place for all of us in his name so that we end up in even better life in hereafter.

This is why rational thought and critical examination of things is natural otherwise we would not learn from our mistakes and there will not be any point in learning or teaching. After all what is learning and teaching all about? In our childhood our parents approve or disapprove our words and deeds. This is criticism and teaching because the whole idea is based upon dos and don'ts and the reasons why do or why don't do things.

Coming to scriptures, all religious scriptures tell there followers to ensure they do right as per definition of scriptures and not do wrongs as per definition of scriptures. In short without criticism development or even change is impossible.

Don't be critical is false teaching by false teachers to hide behind this cover their own ignorance, weaknesses and falsehood so that others do not discover their harmful and destructive plots, motives, intentions, designs and conspiracies.

It is because most of the people do not examine things carefully that they are made fools by their rulers be they politicians or their mullahs etc. Those nations that examine things develop faster. It is because through each other's help individuals raise their level of thinking and once you can think better obviously you plan things better and therefore do better for yourself, your family, your community, your country and your world.

It is shutting of our thought process that turns us back in to animals or even worse even after education if we do not use what we have learned.

If humanity was good at thinking it would not be as harmful and destructive for itself by today as it has been for thousands of generations. This harm and destruction to humanity will continue so long as people keep buried their heads in the sand playing silly games with each other.

The main reason we do not understand the quran is because we cannot yet think at the level the quran requires for its proper understanding or realisation. The quran is divine template for humanity and till people raise themselves to the level of understanding this road map, they can never install the quranic system or establish it.

What the quran requires is not just one person's realisation but of each and everyone because without it human society cannot free itself of its problems. In short if you do not see the need for peace you are not going to work for it. If you do not see the need for a law then you are not going to legislate it or implement or enforce it even if law is already there. Just as it is need that is said to be mother of invention so it is realisation of need of peace, progress and prosperity that will help understand the quran for its real purpose in mind.

What it tells us is that we need more and more criticism of each and everything in the name of God so that only what stand criticism remains for us to consider. This is very, very important point I am raising. It is like you kill a bird for its meat and you keep taking away all the things from it that you consider rubbish till you are only left with meat that you want. This is how when we manage to tear away all falsehood the truth will become exposed to us. Likewise when all make beliefs in which the quran is wrapped are torn away one by one we will see what the quran is really all about. There are not many in the world who realise this truth about the quran. So people who know the quran they encourage that people criticise the quran more and more so that more and more clarifications come forth and make it more and more evident that it is the truth from God for the good of mankind.

Going the other way round people will keep on wrapping the quran in more and more false beliefs and so the truth will become more and more covered up in their falsehood and will therefore take more and more time to be rediscovered the while humanity suffers terribly the pain ie live a life in hell.

What I see is that deep down in ignorant muslim minds there is a fear that if people are allowed to criticise the quran then islam would be found out to be just another falsehood. This is how our ignorance causes us to undermine the real divine truth. We have so called false defenders= thekedaar of divine truth who are actually scared to find out that their make beliefs will prove false in light of the quran if people were allowed to go through with their critical studies of the quran. This is why they try their tricks for stopping discussion on the quran and islam.

It is beyond argument that religions are a conspiracy against divine rule by kings and today by ruling elite world wide. It is easy to keep people ignorant and to use and abuse them in the name of God. It is all a matter of redefining virtue. You waste time in ritualism so that you have no time to think just in case you think and find out what is really going on in this world of ours so all sorts of tactic are used to keep people engaged in wrong things instead of serious things that matter for humanity, so that the while bad elment are busy getting what they want masses remain engaged in all sorts of nonsense. This is deliberate diversion of peoples' attention from real issues that should matter for them. Once things are taken out of their reach then there is nothing much masses can do other than go on rage rampage and destroy whatever they themselves have through fighting against each other instead of the real calprits.

The question is, how did mullahs manage to misinterpret the quran? This is done through taking people away from reading the quran and from studying it ie other stories were invented and so people became interested in them instead of the quran because these stories told people how to become good human being by virtue of ritualism. This good became keeping with rituals and bad became not keeping up with rituals. You sit in isolation and say Allah Allah so many times sort of things. The more you do things like this the more you get near to God we are told instead what kind of world God wants people to create for themselves.

The meanings of words in the quran were given wrong context ie context of religion rather than constitution=deen as already given examples show.

This also explains and exposes the reality of invention of concept of shane nazool (=reason for revelation of odd verses or surahs) because why is it that we have shane nazool only about some of the verses rather than the whole of the qurtan? It is because mullahs wanted to twist the quran only in some places and not in others.

The text of the quran is very clear from its natural context. However that cannot be understood unless you have awareness as to what a constitution is upon which are founded or build nations. The quran is such a constitution around which the prophet of islam gathered people to bring about an ideological community. The quran is not a religious book at all because religion is creation of priestly classes on behest of kings so that God has nothing to do with ruling the earth. The earth belongs to kings not God and the quran opposes that and that is the reason the quran must be taken out. This is how mullahs deliberately misinterpreted the quran and misrepresented it to people so that kings could have things their way. Kings created parallel concepts as religions and spread them with full backing of imperial powers. This is clear if one is familiar with history of nations. Religion and state separation is not new at all rather it has been the case always. This is why even today ruling elite through out the world funds religious institutions because it benefits them that way. Billions of people in the world are living terrible lives yet huge masjids, muadrassas and churches and mandirs and temples etc attract all the cash. Conspiracies and wars are order of the day, why? Think! think! think!

Islam is a goal set by Allah for humanity and Allah challenges that humans cannot have any goal better than islam ie living for peace. Allah also sets forth terms and conditions in the quran which one has to accept for peace ie freedom, justice, fairness, compassion, brotherhood, progress and prosperity for mankind and challenges mankind that they cannot have any better terms and conditions for peace between themselves than these.

Allah also explains how to campaign for gathering humanity on this basis as a community and explains how to set up communities and administrations to accomplish true peace between mankind in the world so that humanity frees itself from internal strifes and gets on with the road map to progress and prosperity. Of course the quran tells us procedures and many other things about administrations and communities beside setup to peacefully changing over of administrations and to keep out nepotism by not employing family members in community administration and to stop corruption through community monitoring administrations and administration monitoring communities. All this because if you do not have good set up then you cannot accomplish peace within or outside and without peace there cannot be stability necessary for progress and therefore no prosperity.

This is major miracle of the quran that even muslims do not talk about because they never studied the quran in this context instead they look at the quran as a book of miraculous stories and wait for saviours to come and save them not realising that they are told in the quran stories of the past people to learn how those ordinary people turned their bad situations round all by themselves with hard work based upon guidance of divine revelations for revolutions.

The quran gives humanity a great package but are people ready to make sense of it and use it? I am not that sure yet because most muslims I find read the quran to make jinn bhoot go away or try to get their ancestors forgiven for their sins beyond that quran hardy serves any purpose for them. This is obvious because I see no country actually using the quran as its actual constitution. It is because they have not yet even interpreted the quran as a divine constitution and that is because either they do not understand the quran or they do not want the quran because in their hearts is disease to dominate and enslave others. Sir syed told them to take quran seriously then iqbal told them the same thing jinnah even got them a country but we will not implement quran, why not? It is because rulers study in anti islam schools and universities and mullahs study in anti islam madrassas and daarul alooms.
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