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A short interpretation of surah 6

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A short interpretation of surah 6
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A short interpretation of surah 6
Surah 6 AL ANAAM= The Progress and Prosperity

Proclaim in the name of Allah the beneficent, the merciful.

1) Sovereignty belongs to Allah Who evolved the heavens and the earth and distinguished the darknesses by means of the light yet those who oppose rule of Allah ascribe sovereignty to others.

2) He it is Who evolved you from the very foundational stage to what you are and set for you a period of life by a set law due to which reaches you from Him livelihood yet you are in doubt about His sovereignty.

3) Behold! It is Allah alone who is ruler in the heavens and in the earth. He makes manifest what you conceal and what you reveal because He shows you the results of your actions.

4) Yet there comes not a scripture from amongst the scriptures of their Lord but they turn away from it.

5) And for sure likewise continues their behaviour of denial with this divine truth that has come to them but soon they will come to know the reality of that which they are ridiculing.

6) Have they not seen how many generations We have let destroy themselves before them? We did establish those nations to be more powerful in the land than yourselves because they followed Our guidance to begin with so We sent down for them abundant rain from the heaven and made the rivers flow beneath their feet as we promised them yet they went astray and for their works against Our guidance We left them destroy themselves and raised in their places other generations who followed Our guidance.

7) And the reason We sent you a book that is written on paper is so that they can touch it even with their own hands as well instead of listening to mere word of mouth yet those who oppose Our guidance still say, this is nothing but a clear falsehood to trick us.

The point made here is that word of mouth is just word of mouth which one can say then if one needs to change it one can claim it was something different one said but a written word cannot be changed after it has become available widely. Also it cannot be hidden after it has been spread. So if one meant to trick other through conspiracy then one would make sure no traces of the message are left out there that could lead the opponents to the source of its origin. Because the divine message is deliberately spread in writing therefore it cannot be called a conspiracy because both the source and the message are manifestly linked.

Cool And they say, why has he not been sent with a power of a king? But even if We had sent him with power of a king he still ought to carry out Our mission and that is not expected by them.

9) Because even if We had made him like a king We would certainly have made him as an upright man and thus they would have ended up making similar excuses to cover up the truth as they are doing now.

It matters not whether a divine messenger has power like a king or not his objective is to gain support for bringing about a good human society based upon education about human values that is progressive and prosperous and therefore at ease within itself. This can never be the case if people ruled like kings in the jungle ie lived like animal kingdom on basis of survival of the fittest. Rivalries based competition takes all down the spiral of becoming worst than animals. So if that is what people want than that is what they will get but if they will realise and change for the better due to divine mission then that will be the end result of their own hard work otherwise they can carry on laughing to their own destruction.

10) Through similar excuses messengers before you were ridiculed because of Our guidance to save people from their own self imposed destruction but in the end those who ridiculed Our guidance they were hemmed in by the very consequences they were forewarned about but they laughed it off at the time.

11) Say, travel through the earth and see what was the end of those who ignored, rejected, opposed and even declared wars on Our guidance.

12) Ask them, to whom belongs all that is in the heavens and in the earth? Tell them, to Allah! He has imposed it upon Himself to be merciful therefore He will certainly gather you all together under His constitution on the day of uprising wherein is no doubt. Only those who are putting themselves in loss are therefore not committing themselves to working for peace.

13) To Him alone belongs all that exists in the darkness of night as well as in the light of the day. That is how He makes evident what He knows for the good of mankind.

14) Say, should I take as my sovereign other than Allah who is the originator of the heavens and the earth when it is He Who provides provisions for all but is Himself free of all needs? Say, I am told to be the foremost of those who submit to His rule and be not of those who accept sovereignty of any other than Allah.

15) Say, I am conscious of the consequences should I be inconsistent with guidance of my Lord, for I am aware of the painful suffering of a mighty day of uprising.

16) He who is delivered from the torment of that day has indeed received blissful revelation of Allah and this is clearly a great achievement.

17) And it is entirely up to Allah whether He lets you suffer any harmful consequences of your actions but if does then none can relieve you other than He Himself and likewise it is up to Him if He blesses you with blissful life due to your own actions because He has set laws to govern over all things.

1Cool He is the supreme authority for His people because He is wise and fully aware.

19) Ask them, whose testimony can be reliable the most? Tell them of Allah, so let Allah be the testifier between me and you that this Qur’an has been revealed to me by Him so that I warn you thereby and all those whom it reaches. Say, can you likewise bear witness that there is any other god beside Allah and that you have his testimony for this claim of yours? Tell them, I have no such proof to bear witness to such claims of yours instead I am told to say, surely He is the One and the Only God and I am absolutely free of attributing sovereignty to any other than Allah that you are committed to without any basis.

20) Surely those to whom We have given the scriptures before know this fact about the Quran as they know their own children due to resemblance of the message. The truth is those who are putting themselves at a loss will still not commit to working for peace.

21) Who can be more harmful for mankind than a people who attribute a lie to Allah or reject and oppose His revelations? Surely there is no escape from consequences of their actions for those who work against Our constitution.

22) And on the day when We will gather them all together under Our rule and ask those who ascribe sovereignty to other than Allah, where are those rulers whom you took for My rivals?

23) They will have no argument but to say, by Allah our Lord, we were not at all of those who lived by rule of other than Allah.

24) See how they will lie against themselves and how the sovereigns they took for granted other than Allah will leave them in the lurch?

25) Of them there are some who can hear you but pay no attention as if we have cast veils over their minds and deafness in their ears so they are unable to understand. Even if they see every one of Our revelations they will not commit to working for peace. They are so sure of themselves that when they come to you they come to fight with you. These opposers of Our guidance claim these are nothing but tales of the ancient.

26) They themselves oppose Our guidance and tell others to oppose it also. By doing so they are only harming future of their own peoples but they realise it not.

27) And if you could imagine the scene when they will be made to stand by their these very actions at the brink of terrible suffering they will say, we wish we could go back to the beginning and this time we will not deny the revelations of Our Lord instead we will join those who were committed to working for peace.

2Cool Nay! They will say this because they will come to know the results of their actions which they used to hide before through false excuses. In fact even if they could be sent back to start again, they will certainly repeat the same things which they are forbidden to do. They are liars indeed.

29) Because they say, there is nothing better than the way we live our life of this world so we will not be pushed over by supporters of divine constitution.

30) If you could imagine another scene when they will be confronted by followers of their Lord at the time when they are in trouble. One group of them will ask, has that which you were alerted about not proven true? They will say, yes by our Lord. It will say, then taste the consequences for denying this reality and inflicting terrible harms on each other against the advice of your Lord whereby you ended up in this situation.

31) Those nations of people are indeed lost who deny that they will ever face the consequences of their actions foretold by Allah. When that moment will overtake them all of a sudden they will cry alas! How negligent we have been about this moment. That is how they will bear the burden of their own harmful actions on their own backs and painful indeed are the consequences that they will suffer.

32) The life of this world is nothing more than a purposeless game for those who ignore Our guidance and neglect their responsibilities to others but the life that will come after the revolution will be better for those who will be consistent with Allah and humanity. Will you then not use your intelligence to think sensibly?

33) We make evident indeed for people to see O messenger that it makes you sad what these ruling elite and priests do others because they not just deny you the people your rights rather these destructive people are in contempt of guidelines of Allah.

34) Likewise were denied messengers before you by their people but steadfastly they held on to what they denied and put up with their persecution until Our help came to them because none can change the set out laws of Allah so consequences cannot be escaped. You have already received the reports of what happened to those messengers and their opposers.

35) If you find their opposition to Our guidance hard to bear then if you can find a way to their ground thus help them understand Our revelation by bringing them the proof thereby. If Allah so wanted He could have put all of them on the same track instead of putting them through struggle for it therefore be not like those who are ignorant of divine plan.

36) Surely those who seek guidance will listen to it, examine it and accept it. As for the self centred mentally stuck in the rut Allah will move them out of the way that is how He will bring them under His rule.

37) They ask, why has no proof been sent with him from his Lord? Tell them, Allah has surely proven His authority by sending a proof but most of these people know not what proof and proving is.

3Cool Behold, there is not an animal that walks upon the earth or any bird that flies by flapping its wings in the air but they are organised communities as an example for you. We have not left a thing without Our law therefore they all turn to law of their Lord.

39) Those who deny and oppose Our evidences in form of set out goals and guidelines are self centred lost in themselves so they are like deaf and dumb living as if in many layers of darkness of ignorance. Whoever so behaves Allah lets him go off His track and whoever works towards path that is firmly founded He lets him be on that track.

40) Ask them to think carefully and answer, when you face a disaster Allah has alerted you about or the last moment of revolution confronts you all of sudden, will you act upon the law of any other than Allah for your survival if you are truthful in your claims?

41) Say, no rather based upon His laws alone you will take steps to survive and forget those whom you have set up as His rivals in sovereignty then if it is His plan then He will relieve you from the affliction you face.

42) We did send messengers before you to other nations with Our guidance but the ruling elite and their priests opposed Our guidance so at length We caught them facing consequences of their actions in form of suffering due to adversities and that is how We gave them chance to learn from such experiences to be good human beings.

43) Why did they the leading people of them not then humble themselves towards their less well off when the suffering through rivalries overtook them? On the contrary their minds became even more stubborn thus their destructive leadership made their harmful acts seem fair to them.

44) When they ignored the warning they had received then We let open the gates of every kind of prosperity for those leading them thereby gates of poverty for those following them but just as they were rejoicing in what they were given We suddenly caught ruling elite faced with uprising by the ruled masses and that is how they were plunged into destruction through inflicting harm upon each other.

45) This is how We cut off the roots of those who work against Our guidance because sovereignty belongs to Allah alone the provider of all the nations in the world.

46) Ask them, just think for a moment that if Allah takes away your hearing and your sight and seals up your minds then is there any sovereign other than Allah who could restore them to you? See how We explain things in Our revelations over and over again and yet you act against them.

47) Say, just think if the affliction Allah warns you about comes to you suddenly or openly, would any nations be destroyed other than the ones who live their lives opposing Our constitution?

4Cool We have sent the messengers only to deliver Our plan for prosperity of mankind and Our warning so any who commits to working for peace therefore removes rifts from among communities will have nothing to be anxious about nor anything to regret for once rule of Allah is properly established in His kingdom.

49) But such as oppose Our goals and guidelines will face the consequences for their transgressions against humanity by acting against Our rule.

50) Say, I do not claim to you that the treasures of Allah are under my control or that I am aware of the future nor do I claim that I am a king rather I follow what is revealed to me. Say, are the blind and the seeing alike, why don’t you think?

51) Therefore prompt through this revelation of the Quran those who are concerned for the betterment of humanity for gathering under the rule of their Lord because there is no sovereign for them other than Him nor any protector or intervener so that they become consistent with His constitution and humanity.

52) So drive not away those who call for the installation of the rule their Lord day and night seeking only to achieve His set goal. You are not liable for anything they do nor are they liable for anything you do. Yet if you drive such people away from installing the rule of Allah then you will be counted among those who work against Our guidance.

53) That is how We have set some people to struggle for the good of the others therefore influential but ignorant people look down upon them and say, are these the people whom Allah has favoured from among us? Say, does Allah not know best those who appreciate His guidance?

54) When those who claim to be committed to working for peace according to Our set goals and guidelines come to you say, peace is the goal set for you because your Lord has imposed upon Himself to bless you with blissful revelation for the good of mankind so if any among you commits any harmful acts against others because of ignorance and thereafter turns to guidance of Allah and mends his ways accordingly then you will find Allah protecting you through blissful revelation.

55) That is how We explain Our goals and guidelines so that the way of the culprits becomes clearly evident.

56) Say, I am stopped from serving rulers other than Allah to whom you invite me. Say, I am not going to follow your baseless ideas and practices, for if I do then I too would be lost and cease to be the one guided properly.

57) Say, I am upon evidence based clear guidance from my Lord which you oppose arrogantly but to make you face the results of your such actions is not my responsibility which you are so keenly rushing for seeing. Indeed the decision for that rests with none but Allah alone Who declares the truth due to being unique in making decisions.

5Cool Say, if what you rush to see was my responsibility then the matter between you and I would have been settled already but Allah knows best how to deal with those who transgress His limits.

59) Because the keys to better future rest in following His constitution as no one makes known the ways to success save Him. He makes evident whatever is of benefit for mankind in the land and in the sea and there is not a single decree in a page of His book but it makes it evident, nor is there a grain under the darkness of the earth nor anything wet or dry which is not governed by a clear decree.

60) Moreover it is He Who takes away your awareness during sleep at night and knows what you do during the day and at length He wakes you up from sleep to let you complete your decreed span of life. That is why you should turn to His advice so that He informs you as to what you ought to do.

61) Because it is He the irresistible Who watches over His people and provides for you ways and means of survival till there comes for any of you the death when Our set out causes cause you to die and they never fail in their task.

62) That is how they are brought back to Allah their only true sovereign. Beware therefore that sovereignty of this kingdom solely rests with Him and He is swift in settling the accounts.

63) Ask them, who delivers you from calamities in the darkness of the land and of the sea as you call upon His laws in open humility but saying quietly, if You deliver us from this affliction then we will indeed become a worthy people?

64 Say, Allah delivers you from these and all other calamities yet you attribute sovereignty to others and live by their rule of law inflicting harm on each other.

65) Say, through His revelation He has the power to remove calamities from above you and from below you or to let you split into discordant factions due to ignoring His revelation to let you taste the violence from one another. See how We explain things clearly in Our revelations over and over again so that they may learn to understand.

66) Yet your people (the human community) are rejecting and opposing this Quran even though it sets them goal worth pursuing. Tell them, I am not appointed as a warden over you to force you into accepting and doing things against your benefit.

67) For everything foretold there is a set out time period for its fulfilment and soon you will come to know what you are told.

6Cool So when you come across such as inflict harm upon each other against Our set out goals and guidelines, avoid them till they engage in some other thing. However if the opponent makes you forget about this advice then when you remember it disengage from people who transgress against the set limits of Allah.

The prophet is told to deliver the divine message to people but avoid getting involved in their usual senseless quarrels with each other. In other words prophet is told to choose the appropriate moments for delivering the divine message to people. Even if they start their usual quarrels the while prophet is sitting with them he should leave. It is because people who are hell bent on settling their scores with each other do as they want and listen to no one in their heat of the moment so better to wait till people are done with each other.

69) Though people who do what benefits others will not be held responsible for those who do what harms others yet it is their duty to advise them because they may realise and refrain from harming each other in future.

70) Let such people do as they please who make the sole purpose of their life mere fooling about to amuse themselves at the expense of others because they allowed themselves to be deceived by wrong thing in life of this world. However keep on advising them with this Quran lest they end up destroyed as a consequence of harm they inflict on each other thereby let them become aware that they will have none to rescue them from set laws of Allah and nothing will be accepted of them even if they sought to offer every imaginable thing as ransom. Such are those who are condemned to suffering the consequences of their own harmful actions. For them are deluge of worries as painful suffering due to their transgression against Our set limits.

71) Say to them, should we depend upon the rules of other than Allah who can neither benefit us nor harm us? Should we turn upon our heels after Allah has guided us to the right way like the party whom the opponents of rule of Allah have misled and is wandering around in the land confused while its friends are calling it to the right path saying, come to us! Tell them, advice of Allah is the only true guidance. We have been commanded to accept the rule of the Lord of the nations,

72) and to establish His rule of law and be consistent with Him and humanity, for it is His constitution under which we are all to gather if we want to live in peace.

73) Because it is He Who evolved the heavens and the earth for a set purpose that is why the day He initiated the process of accountability to commence, so it did. His word is always true. That is why the kingdom will truly belong to Him on the day when the new life will be breathed in to the universe as people install His constitution and abide by it because He is such a sovereign Who is all aware.

74) Call to mind the time when Abraham said to Azer, the chief priest of his people, why do you take your make beliefs for gods? Surely I see you and your nation in manifest error.

75) That is why We educated Abraham about Our sovereignty of the heavens and the earth that his nation may become of those who understand this concept with certainty.

76) Once it so happened that when the night covered his nation he observed a star being worshiped by them. His nation claimed, it is my Lord but then it faded away, so Abraham said to them, I rely not on such as fade away.

77) Then he observed worship of the moon that was shining. His nation claimed, this is my Lord but that too faded away. To make them realise he said, if my Lord guides me not then I am certainly of those who go astray.

7Cool Then he observed worship of the sun with its brightest shine. His nation claimed, this too is my Lord and it is the great one but it also faded away. On this Abraham said to them, O my people! I am free of all those to whom you attribute sovereignty other than Allah.

79) I turn myself to Him alone Who has evolved the heavens and the earth, and I am not of those who attribute sovereignty to anyone other than Allah.

80) However his people start fighting with him so he said to them, are you fighting with me about Allah whereas He Himself has guided me indeed? I do not fear those whom you attribute with sovereignty other than Him. Nothing happens unless my Lord so planned, the knowledge of my Lord encompasses everything, so why don’t you examine my statement thoughtfully?

81) How can I give any importance to that to which you attribute sovereignty when you are not paying any attention to your own actions for making them rivals of Allah for which He has not given you any proof? Which of the two parties of us is based on firm foundation in accordance to goal of peace? Tell me, if you really have the wisdom.

82) Surely those who commit to working for peace and do not discredit their working for peace with transgressions against limits of Allah, such are the ones who will truly attain peace because they are the ones who are guided properly.

83) And that was the argument with which We furnished Abraham to guide people. We exalt in ranks whoever work for it m We find deserving, surely your Lord is wise and He makes His wisdom evident for mankind to become wise.

84) And We gave him Isaac and Jacob and guided them all as We guided Noah before them and among his descendants were David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses and Aaron thus We reward those who do good for each other.

85) Likewise Zakariya, John, Jesus, and Elias all of them were of those who removed obstacles from the path of others towards peace.

86) Moreover Ishmael, Elisha, Jonah and Lot We raised every one of them for the nations to educate them

87) as We raised some of their forefathers, their children and their brothers. We appointed them for Our service and guided them to the way that is firmly founded.

8Cool Such is the guidance of Allah whereby He guides whoever works hard to attain guidance. Had they submitted to false sovereigns instead of Allah their hard works would have come to nothing.

89) Such were the people to whom We gave the book, the wisdom and the messengership. Now if these people who claim to follow them the Jews and the Christians yet oppose this guidance it matter not because We have others who oppose it not.

90) The fact is those were the people who were rightly guided by Allah therefore follow them and tell these people, I am not asking you for any reward for it because this message is nothing less than a divine constitution to examine and implement for the good of the people of all the nations.

91) No importance they give to the constitution of Allah those who ignorantly claim, Allah has never revealed anything to any human being. Ask them, who then sent the book that Moses brought a light and guidance for mankind? You have transcribed it on separate sheets, publishing some and suppressing much of that given knowledge, which neither you nor your forefathers previously possessed. If they cannot answer then just tell them, Allah and leave them alone with their baseless superfluous arguments.

92) Likewise is this equally blessed book like the ones before it which We have revealed confirming what came before it so that you warn the people living in the Mother of the Cities and those who live all around it. So those who commit to working for peace for better end goal commit to working for peace thereby and it is they who fulfil their contracts faithfully.

93) And who can be more destructive than the one who invents a lie - and attributes it to Allah or claims that like is revealed to me too when in truth nothing was revealed to him- or the one who claims that I can create the like of what Allah has revealed? If you could only imagine the time when these transgressors against Our rule are overwhelmed by mutual destruction due to the people who serve Our kingdom as they extend their jurisdiction saying, give up yourselves! Today you are faced with disgraceful consequences as a terrible reward for making up and spreading lies against Allah which you had no right to do but you showed arrogance against His revelations thereby harmed humanity!

94) And indeed you have come to us alone as we thought of you earlier leaving behind all that we gave you as loot and we do not see with you your interveners whom you assumed sovereigns instead of Allah as regard all your affairs. All your ties have been cut off indeed so what you assumed has failed you.

This verse is talking about people who are to fall under Muslim rule at some point in time in future and this is how Muslims will say things to them reminding them how they used to deal with Muslims and others when they used to be in power. We are also told why they fall under Muslim rule because of rifts among themselves based on caste, class and creed etc therefore hatred and infighting. Little disagreements if not taken care of sensibly then they could develop in to big quarrels over a period of time just like growth of a seed in to a tree. Likewise doing a little good can benefit humanity a great deal. This way a small movement can grow big and well established community can crumble in to dust. It is all about rising and falling of nations and what makes then rise and fall.

95) Surely it is Allah Who causes the seed and the fruit-stone to split and sprout in to a big plant or tree. That is how He brings forth the living nation from the dead and the dead nation from the living. It is Allah alone who does all this then how is it that you move away from the truth?

96) He gradually introduces the day to the zone of the earth under the darkness of the night and He made the night for rest as well as made the sun and the moon for you to determine times, such are the arrangements of the mighty who makes things evident to educate people.

97) And He it is Who has made for you the stars as guides so that you might find your way thereby in the darkness on the land or in the sea. We have explained things indeed in Our revelations very clearly for people who use their sense to learn.

9Cool And He it is Who has originated you from a single life form and set out for you this place to settle in and a place to rest in peace. We have explained things in Our revelations very clearly for people who learn to understand things.

99) It is He Who sends down water from the heaven as rain and therewith produces vegetation of all kinds, He brings forth green crops producing grain piled up in the ear, palmtrees laden with clusters of dates hanging within reach, gardens of grapes, olives, and pomegranates, though their fruit resembles in kind yet is different in variety. Look at their fruits as they yield and ripen. Behold! In these things there are evidences as to how set laws operate in the universe for those who would commit to working for peace.

100) Yet they assign sovereignty to ruling elite along with Allah even though He created them and ascribe to Him sons and daughters without any proof. Free is He from any such need and beyond such make beliefs as they ascribe to Him.

101) To Him is due origin of the heavens and the earth. How does He have a son when He has no wife because He created everything all by Himself? That is how He makes everything evident.

102) That is description of Allah your Lord! None is ruler but Him the creator of everything, so be consistent with His constitution because upon that rests survival of all things.

103) Eyes cannot see Him while He can see all the eyes. He is the Subtle, the Aware.

104) There indeed have come to you the people clear evidences from your Lord to open your eyes, so any community that opens its eyes, it is for the benefit of itself and any that plays blind, it is to its own destruction, for I am a messenger of Allah and not a keeper over you to prevent you from doing things against my wishes.

105) Thus We explain Our revelations over and over so that the opposers of our guidance are forced into admitting that you are a learned person but taught by who? And that this may become clear to people of understanding.

106) So follow what is revealed to you the people from your Lord, for none is ruler but Him and turn aside from those who attribute sovereignty to others than Allah, for they have no sense.

107) If Allah enforced His will instead of giving them choice they would not be such as attribute sovereignty to other than Allah. Because We have given them freedom to choose therefore We have not appointed you their keeper nor made you their attorney.

108) So do not approach without wisdom the issue of those whom these people attribute sovereignty instead of Allah as response will be animosity and break down of communication affecting deliverance of message of Allah. For that is how each group of people act as it seems right to them. Remember, in the end after trying their ways they all will turn to constitution of their Lord so that He tells them how they should act properly as human beings.

109) These attributors of sovereignty to others instead of Allah swear by Allah to Muslims that if a divine message as per their demand came to them directly they would most certainly follow it faithfully. Say to them, surely choice of sending of revelations rest with Allah Who knows who to choose as His messengers and what would make you realise that even if a revelation comes to them they will still not accept it?

The point here is not revelation or to whom it comes but what it demands ie people not being masters of each other but work together to achieve set out goal according to divine terms and conditions. Also if a people are not bothered to use their minds to examine divine truth for themselves then whether they are given a message through one source or another makes little difference. The decision has to be given on the basis of examination of testimony whether it stand scrutiny or not.

110) For We will still leave their minds and their eyes remain under their own choice to use them as they wish which prompted them to rejection of Our guidance in the first place so We will let them wander about in their rebellious confusion.

111) Therefore even if We had sent them as messengers people like kings or made the people who already destroyed themselves speak to them telling them how they destroyed themselves and presented all the different things in the world before them as proof of divine set up and operation, they would still not have committed to working for peace unless Allah enforced His will taking away their freedom of choice because most of them make silly demands due to their remaining ignorant of Our purposeful program for them.

112) Like this messenger We let rise against each messenger his opponents, the destructive people from among the masses and from among the leadership- some of them inspiring the others with seductive speeches to deceive them. Had your Lord enforced His will, they would not have done that therefore remain alert but ignore them and what they plot,

113) To such let the minds of those incline who do not commit to working for peace for the good end result for mankind so let them live in fools’ paradise and let them earn what they may.

114) Say, should I seek rule of other than Allah when He alone is the One Who has revealed this book with all necessary detail? Those whom We gave the book before know very well that it is revealed to you from your Lord for this purpose due to similarities between the books therefore you should not be of those who have doubts

115) because words of your Lord fulfil the criterion for truth and justice. There is none who can change His set out laws that operate the universe words. That is how He makes evident for mankind that He is aware of everything.

11) That is why if you followed most of the people on the earth they will lead you away from the way of Allah because they follow nothing but make beliefs and promote nothing but destructive goals and guidelines.

117) In fact, your Lord knows best the people who have strayed from His way and He knows best those who are on the path He advised for them.

118) So participate only in that which has seal of approval upon it in the name of Allah if you want to demonstrate that you are truly committed to working for peace.

119) Why should you not partake in that which has seal of approval upon it in the name of Allah when He has clearly explained to you in detail what you are forbidden to do except in case of danger to yourselves or in a situation that is chaotic? In fact many mislead people through their make beliefs due to lack of knowledge based on proof. Your Lord makes evident by results of their actions those who act against His set limits.

120) Abstain from all criminal activities whether you are among public or on your own in private. Surely those who commit crimes will face consequences for their wrongdoings.

121) Do not participate in anything which has no seal of approval in the name of Allah, for that is surely transgression against the limits set by constitution of Allah. In fact the opponents of rule of Allah encourage their supporters that they should fight with you so defend yourselves against them because if you went along with them then surely you will be considered of those who attribute sovereignty to other than Allah.

122) Can a nation that was like dead due to ignorance thereby infighting whom We raised to life by inspiring it with light of knowledge to walk in harmony with humanity be like the one that is in the depths of darkness of ignorance from which it cannot come out? That is why We let the opposers of Our guidance remain in bliss of their ignorance due to what they do

123) and that is why in every town We let arise criminals as their ring leaders to conspire therein and they plot against none but their own people though they realise it not till the results of their such actions surround them.

124) Whenever there comes to them a revelation they say, we will not commit to working for peace till we are given that which is given to the messengers of Allah directly. Allah knows best to whom He should give His message. Soon these criminals will be overtaken by humiliation as a result of their actions against Our advice by a severe revolt by their victims for their evil plots against them.

125) Whoever works hard according to set out laws of Allah for understanding His guidance He opens his mind/chest to Islam=peace and whoever works hard according to His set out laws in the universe for disorder and confusion He lets his mind/chest become narrow/squeezed so tight that at the very idea of Islam=peace he feels as if he is climbing up the ultimate point in height. That is how Allah makes evident the fault on the behaviour of those who oppose His guidance.

126) No matter what Islam=peace is the way of your Lord that is firmly founded and We have explained it clearly in Our revelations for the people who have learned to think properly.

127) For such is the kingdom of peace approved by their Lord. He is their supporter because of their works according to His guidance that leads to peace.

128) That is how in time Allah will bring all of them together under His constitution the leadership and the masses. O ruling elite (politicians, priests and capitalists), you deceived masses in great numbers. At the time of uprising the masses enslaved by them will say, Our Lord, we both have used and abused each other but alas, by now we have had enough of each other so we have reached the end of our term for living like slaves as You foretold us. Each of the masses will say to others, let courage be your aboard until the establishment of that which Allah has decreed. Surely your Lord is wise and that is how he makes it evident.

129) That is how We let transgressors against Our rule turn against each other because of their course of actions to bring about the change for the better.

130) So O parties of leaders and masses, did not there come to you the messengers from amongst you who proclaimed to you My set out goals and guidelines for you and warned you that if you ignored My advice then in time you will end up in this situation calling for revolution through uprising? Their response at the time to Our call will be, our state of affairs bears witness against ourselves and that is how the life of this world has deceived them and so at the time they will testify against themselves that they were indeed of those who opposed Our rule and that is why they ended up in the situation they found themselves in of which they now want to get out.

131) Your Lord does not let any townships destroy themselves without His guidance and alerting them the while their residents are unaware of their crimes.

132) All nations are made to face the consequences according to categories of their own actions because your Lord is not unaware of what they do.

133) That is because your Lord is Self-Sufficient and Lord of Mercy. Had He so planned, He could have let you people destroy yourselves as well and replaced you with others as He raised you as the off-springs of others who passed away before you.

134) Surely what you are being alerted about must come to pass and you can do nothing against it happening unless you repent and reform.

135) So O my people! Do whatever you can against the installation of the constitution of Allah and I will do whatever I can for installing the rule of Allah then soon you will find out who is rewarded better in the end, rest assured that the transgressors against rule of Allah will never prosper

136) Because they only give away to others who need help in the name of Allah a tiny fraction of what Allah has provided for them of the crops and of other things of value saying, this is for Allah as per their make beliefs and rest of that is for our other masters who are partners of Allah. Their set up partners’ part of things is not for Allah but the part they set up for Allah in their things can be offered to their masters. What a self destructive decision they reach for themselves!

137) That is how these make beliefs have made it look great in the eyes of many of these slaves of other masters even to destroy future of their own people in order to ruin themselves and to confuse them in the name of religion. Had Allah had not given them freedom to choose they would not have done so however let them remain in their chosen self destructive make beliefs if that is what they choose.

138) For this reason they assert with their lies that the land and its resources are restricted by Allah and none has the right to use them unless we allow it. And prosperity, they restrict acquiring it and they do not make manifest glory of the name of Allah thereby and they have attributed lies to Him about prosperity. Soon He will call them to account for their inventions and lies against Him in form of their make beliefs.

139) They also assert, whatever is yet not discovered of the wealth in the earth is only for us the ruling elite and it is forbidden for our masses but if it is of no value to our ruling elite then all the rest can share it. Soon He will make them face the consequences for their attribution of such lies. Surely He is wise and He makes His wisdom evident for all to see.

140) Losers indeed are those leaders who destroy future of their own people under their care foolishly without realising and restrict their participation in that which Allah has provided them by falsely ascribing prohibitions of that to Allah for them. Certainly they have gone off the set out track that is why they are not the ones who should be followed as leaders to the proper goal.

141) Behold, they have no right to claim ownership of things because it is Allah alone Who has created all kinds of plants, trellised and untrellised, the palm trees, the field crops with produce of different kinds, the olives and pomegranates, similar in kind yet different in taste. So eat of their fruit in their season and give away to others as gifts to enjoy on the harvest day and do not transgress against each other, surely He supports not those who accede His set limits.

142) Of the abundance of His gifts some are buried in the earth and others are on surface. So use all that Allah has provided for your use but follow not ways of opponent of Allah’s rule. Surely such a person is your open enemy.

143) Say, consider your social divisions based on worthless things. Take for example joining together of two weak people and joining together of two strong people and ask them, of these has He sanctioned the strong group or the opposite group or whatever divisions either of them contain within them? Answer me based on knowledge if what you claim is true.

144) Likewise take the joining together of two priests and joining together of two of the ruling elite, of these has He sanctioned the priests or their counter balancing ruling elite or whatever divisions either of them contain within them? Were you present when Allah gave you such commandments? If not then who can be more destructive than the one who forges a lie against Allah so that he could mislead mankind by telling them things without having any proof about them? Surely Allah does not guide the transgressors against His rule.

145) Say to them, I did not find in what has been revealed to me anything forbidden regarding partaking save participation in activities that lead to dead end and bloodshed and profiteering at the expense of humanity for such activities are senseless or harmful and destructive which reflect rule by other than Allah. Even so if anyone is forced into a helpless situation intending neither wilful inconsistency with constitution of Allah nor transgression against it then you the mankind will find your Lord protecting you through blissful revelation.

146) As for those who claim to be Jews We let them carry on with their self imposed restriction of the flesh of all animals having claws and the fat of oxen and sheep and goats, save that borne by their backs or intestines or that which adhered to the bones. That was the consequence of their deliberate transgression against Our rule and surely Our constitution is consistent with its set out purpose.

147) Yet if they oppose you say to them, your Lord is Lord of blissful revelation but His foretold scourge cannot be averted from people who are committed to crimes against His constitution and humanity.

148) Those who attribute sovereignty to other than Allah say, if Allah wanted neither we nor our forefathers would have been those who live by rule of other than Allah or could have declared anything unlawful. That is how their ancestors rejected the truth until they suffered the consequences they were warned against. Say, do you have any evidence for this claim of yours that you can put before us? The fact is you follow nothing but make beliefs and you follow nothing but lies.

149) Say, the argument of Allah is conclusive that if it had been His plan to enforce His will then He could indeed have guided you all by taking away your freedom of choice.

150) Say, bring forth your witnesses to prove that Allah has forbidden such and such. Even if they do bear witness falsely, you should not back them up in their false testimony nor yield to destructive ambitions of those who deny Our revelations and those who do not commit to working for peace for the better end goal for mankind and ascribe right of rule to others than Allah.

151) Say, come I will recite what your Lord has forbidden for you to do; that you should not assign right of rule to anyone other than Allah, that you should be kind to people under your care both old and young, that you should not compete as rivals in order to destroy people under your care through lack of provision because it is We Who have provided sustenance for you the community managers and the managed the community, that you should not commit against each other in public or in private acts that bring destruction upon community, that you should not take any life forbidden by Allah except according to set out laws for set out purposes. These are the things which He has instructed for you so that you may learn to be wise.

152) Also not to go near the right or property of any of your dependent individual except for improving it unless one has attained it unlawfully by using his force. In that case fulfil the measure that is necessary and just. We never burden a person with responsibilities more than one can bear. So whenever you deliver the verdict be fair even if it is against your own close relatives, thus fulfil your agreement with Allah. These are the things which He has enjoined upon you so that you are consistent with constitution of Allah for the benefit of humanity.

153) Verily this is my way the firmly founded way therefore follow it and do not follow other ways because they will lead you away from His constitution and set you against each other thereby destroy you. This is what He enjoined upon you so that you may protect yourselves against harm and abide in peace and harmony.

154) That is the reason We gave Moses the book to complete Our favour on those who would do things that benefit others, it contained detail of all things necessary for the set out purpose and was a guide and a bliss so that they commit to working for peace for the good of humanity in the hope of meeting set out standard of their Lord.

155) Likewise We have revealed this book as a blessing therefore follow it conscientiously so that you may become fully wrapped up in compassion towards each other.

156) We revealed this book in case you say, the divine book was revealed only to two parties before us and we were unaware of what they read,

157) or lest you say that if the book had been revealed to us then we would have followed its guidance better than them, so a veritable evidence has come to you from your Lord as a guidance and a blessing. Who then is more destructive than the one who denies access to the revelations of Allah and turns away from them oneself? Very soon those who turn away from Our revelations will face dreadful consequences for their aversion to Our guidance for humanity.

158) So what are they waiting for other than the enforcers of constitution of your Lord to take over them or are they waiting for installers of constitution of your Lord to secure them against their self destruction or are they waiting for results of their actions from your to take hold of them? On the day when some consequences of their actions from your Lord get hold of them no person will be able to benefit thereafter for committing to working for peace who was not already committed to working for peace or any who did not support his commitment to peace with good works for others. Say to them, wait if you will we too are waiting.

159) Surely those who change the constitution of Allah into make beliefs thereby divide into sects and identify themselves as sects, you should not do any such thing like them instead their case should be judged according to constitution of Allah that is how He will make evident to them what they are doing wrong.

160) So any people who come up with anything that benefits humanity will end up with a human community that is reflection of this example in return and any people who come up with anything that inflicts any harm on human society the consequences of that cannot be anything other than coming about of a society that is reflection of that like example wherein people inflict harm upon each other, so they are not inflicted any harm upon beyond that unjustly from outside.

161) Say O messenger, as for me surely my Lord has guided me to the path that is firmly founded, the ever true constitution for humanity as a whole, the path/community of Abraham the upright and he was not of those who give right of rule to any other than Allah.

162) Say, surely my effort for installing divine rule and my commitment and sacrifices for it as well as my life and my death are all for the mission of Allah the Lord of the nations.

163) He has no partner in His sovereignty thus I am told and I am the foremost of those who submit to His constitution for the good of mankind.

164) Say, should I then seek any other supporter than Allah when He alone is the Lord of everything? Each person or human society is liable to face consequences for what it does because no bearer of burdens bears the burden of another. Ultimately you all will have to turn to constitution of your Lord and that is how He will resolve for you all your disputes.

165) He is the One Who has made you the mankind inheritors of the earth and availed you opportunities that some of you may rise degrees above others in humanity and that is why He put you through struggle by means of what He has provided for you. Surely your Lord is swift in making people face the consequences of their actions yet He is also full of grace and full of mercy.
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