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A detailed explanation of the message of the Quran

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A detailed explanation of the message of the Quran
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Senior Member Pakistani
Senior Member Pakistani

Joined: 04 Dec 2010
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Surah 113 AL-FALAQ–The process of deconstruction of a human society based upon harmful and destructive way of life and reconstruction of a proper human community based upon blissful and dignifying way of life advised by the creator and sustainer of the universe

This surah is named AL-FALAQ from root FAA, LAAM and QAAF. Concrete meaning of this root is something that bursts forth into being or takes place as an event or happening. Also something that is brought about by something by way of creation or evolution directly or indirectly for some purpose eg Allah has brought about things out of nothing and he has set up a way for things to continue through process of evolution due to which things are recycled and new generations of things are brought about ie from parents the children etc. Also breaking of something to make something new out of it eg seed is destroyed to bring out new plant to reproduce more seeds, breaking of dawn, new beginning, dawn of enlightenment, process of deconstruction and then reconstruction etc etc.

This surah is named AL-FALAQ because it comprehensively describes the fact that Allah has created everything and that things function in such a way that they either end up benefitting humanity or harming it. However it is up to mankind themselves to learn things about themselves and rest of creation as well as divine revelation and set up such a human community based kingdom that gives them a blissful, dignified and secure life. Not only that but it also explains that most serious danger for humanity comes from within itself ie some members of it using and abusing it for personal gains at its expense thereby hindering its unity, peace, progress and prosperity. The main thing for people to realise is that while they setup rivalries and animosities between themselves and waste time and resources in fighting each other, they will have problem taking care of themselves from other dangers present in the universe for humanity. This is why all those who conspire to create fights among mankind are said to be enemies of humanity and people should deal with such antisocial elements among them properly before things get out of hands. This is why the need for people to keep each other constantly in check.

This surah explains how the kingdom based upon divine guidance can come about or can be brought about by any person or persons ie the starting point is spreading of the message of Allah in a proper way which requires its proper understanding by oneself because spreading the wrong message in the name of Allah will have serious consequences eg people will not be able understand and accept it so instead of coming together on basis of this message they will run away from it and oppose it because in their minds they could be thinking the actual message is rubbish so it is not worth even considering never mind following. This should be obvious to Muslims who have come in contact with nonMuslims who have already read books on Islam by mullahs and their ignorant followers. It is uphill struggle to explain to such nonMuslims that Islam of mullahs is not the Islam in the Quran. In fact it is even worse trying to explain it to Muslims who have been infected by indoctrination by mullahs. This is why a very large majority of the ummah is stuck terribly in the nonsense of mullahs. However, no matter what ummah will have to find its way to the proper understanding of the Quranic message or there is no end to its troubles and painful suffering.

Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,

1] Saying, I seek to bring about a kingdom for protection of mankind according to program, constitution and law revealed by Creator and Sustainer of the universe,

Word AOOZU is from root AIN, WOW and ZAAL. Concrete meaning of this root is something that sticks with something for security reasons eg chicks stick with mother hen as their refuge for their security. Also to stay within a security zone in some sense for self preservation particularly in time of danger, refuge, shelter, protection, guard, keep an eye etc etc.

The advised way of life provides refuge for humanity from all sorts of its self created troubles and difficulties.

2] in order to protect mankind from the harms and destructions caused by all that He has created,

There are various types of harms and destructions taking place in the world all the time and mankind need to be alert enough and able enough as a community to cope with all such things that life throws at humanity. The guidance from Allah helps humanity do that by removing internal conflicts from within humanity by uniting them so that they are free to pay attention to other things that need to be paid attention to and taken care of by mankind.

3] particularly from the harms and destructions caused by dominant people when they let ignorance become settled in their minds to act stubbornly,

Word GHAASIQ is from root GHAIN, SEEN and QAAF. Concrete meaning of this root is something very dark or extremely cold or both. Also very dark or very cold night or very dark and very cold night, a period of time of extreme ignorance or a period of time of extreme depression that stops a person from doing anything or both. A period of time of extreme ignorance or extreme arrogance or both. Pus, foul fluid, to pour out, running eye, the moon, to act ignorantly or arrogantly or stubbornly etc etc.

Word WAQAB is from root WOW, QAAF and BAA. Concrete meaning of this root is a rock with a ditch wherein gathers rainwater. Also a well in the flat piece of land, a ditch, to enter something to become invisible or disappear, setting of the sun, the enveloping of darkness of night to make things disappear in the dark of the night, things that drown or go down or set or disappear, the over whelming troubles that come from all direction to destroy something, loss of things of need for existence and development, foolish person, heavy drinker, to sink in , to subside, to overcome, to prevail, to become dark, to enter etc etc.

4] as well as from the harms and destructions of those who cause hatred among mankind through divisions, rivalries and animosities for their personal gains through plotting and conspiracies,

Word NAFFAASAAT is from root NOON, FAA and SAA. Concrete meaning of this root is to blow lightly but quietly. To make secret suggestions, to inject or inspire an idea or action, to hiss an incantation, to cast a spell, to hiss, to prompt into action, to trigger into action, be hidden cause behind an action, to conspire to make someone do something without being noticed, exude, spit out etc etc.

Word UQAD is from root AIN, QAAF and DAAL. Concrete meaning of this root is to complicate things instead of leaving them simple. Also to tie knot, to tangle, to agree, to solemnise, to make things difficult, to cause or create troubles, to thicken, alliance, to coagulate, oath, necklace, sand dune, to put together, marriage etc etc.

5] and from the harms and destructions of the covert operators when they complicate matters for humanity at large that are simple out of selfish greed and envy or jealousy.

This surah beside explaining other things also points out the problems that people who wish to bring about or maintain the divine kingdom will face from those who do not wish to see such a kingdom become a reality or remain a reality even if such a kingdom does come about. In this sense one has to be very much alert about social, cultural, political and economic conspiracies and plots by opposing sides and be able to survive them. Otherwise the wish for bringing about the kingdom based upon divine guidance will remain a distant dream. Again a very strong slap on face of mullahs who have deliberately misinterpreted the Quran to hide its actual teachings from mankind so that use and abuse of humanity continues at hands of rulers, mullahs, money lenders and their supporters and these people get what they have been promised by rulers and money lenders. The very fact that masses always look up to God for help means that if true message of Allah was delivered to them they will not accept any other way of life than the one revealed by Allah and that is the main reason mullahs need to put so much effort in derailing people from the message of Allah by misinterpreting and misrepresenting the message but it is also fault of masses for blindly following mullahs instead of educating themselves, a fault for which they are paying a very heavy price throughout the world. Despite working so hard billions of people in the world are unable to make the ends meet. A fitting response by set up systems and laws of Allah for those who choose to live like animals despite being created as human beings with highly powerful and sophisticated brains by Allah. All this shows very clearly that Islam is a DEEN not a MAZHAB and mullahs are lying day and night to dish it out as a set of make belief for useless rituals that have no benefit for mankind whatsoever. Deen is a way of life for living in this world with outcome of actions people take for living in this world. This is why beneficial way of life leads to benefits and harmful way of life leads to harms. The Quran guides as to what sort of actions lead to harm and destruction and why or how and what sort of actions lead to blissful and dignified life and why or how. So only foolish will follow mullahs instead of following the Quran by trying to understand it properly.
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Senior Member Pakistani
Senior Member Pakistani

Joined: 04 Dec 2010
Posts: 507

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Surah 114 AL-NAAS–The blissful, dignified and secure existence for mankind lies in their abiding by program, constitution and law of their creator and sustainer

This surah is named AL-NAAS from root ALIF, NOON and SEEN. This root had been already explained but just to remind, it means mankind, people, humans, masses etc etc.

This surah is named AL-NAAS not because word naas is used in it but for its subject matter. It deals with all sorts of problems humanity faces and their solution. As one should know that the Quran is mainly about proper management of people and resources for satisfying needs of mankind so that mankind could have peace between themselves so that they could cooperate for progress of humanity and help it prosper to such an extent that one day mankind could end up managing the whole of universe for their benefit. The Quran is not about mere survival of humanity but about its blissful, dignified and secure existence. This is why the Quran is a program, a constitution and a law book all in one. The Quran tells people that Allah is sole rightful sovereign of this universe and the only one who has right to recommend a program, a constitution and a law for his kingdom and its subjects including human beings. It is because people are born ignorant and it takes them a life time to learn things as much as they can through brain and senses by interacting with things so divine revelation is sent to help humanity speed up things and bypass unnecessary painful suffering. However, as mankind interact with each other soon they find that not all of them are equally learned so those who become more aware of things try to take undue advantage of those who remain less aware of things. This creates divides between mankind because people behave worse than animals towards each other so revelation is given to mankind to explain how they should develop their mindset, attitude and behaviour in order to fulfil goals set by Allah for them according to his provided guidelines to begin with. Once the first step is fully achieved the next goal for mankind is to explore the universe and see work of Allah in great detail in order to appreciate his creativity for which he ended up creating everything and particularly the mankind, so that this creature gives his independent opinion about creativity of Allah by being a creative creature himself.

Since mankind are divided they need a base for unity and the Quran provides that base for unity but once the unity movement begins by way of hard work for properly understanding and spreading the message of the Quran among mankind then some people who will realise the need for Quranic revelation will support it and some people who will see it as a problem because it is getting in their way of doing things will oppose it. It all depends on how different people see the message of the Quran as per their own stock of information and its understanding. If people just want to live their own lives bothered not with how world is doing things and how it is all affecting people as a whole through each other then things will get worse and worse but if people will participate as they should then things could be turned around for the better. All this interaction is part of life regardless we like it or not. This is what this surah deals with ie how people should support each other and how they should not and who to look out for who could prove dangerous for humanity as a whole. So this surah is telling people what they need to aim for and what they need to look out for in case they are led the wrong way round by those who conspire against guidance of Allah for mankind in order to get their own way which is based upon personal gains or self interests or greed. This surah identifies dangerous elements in human population ie people who want to become masters of other people and people who suck up to them to sell their way of life to masses and do their dirty works for them to bring masses under their grip. A major crime against humanity committed by some people among people of every human society but people of Lot are mentioned about it in a big way. It is these people who are always the main obstacle in the way of establishment of a kingdom based upon guidance of Allah. The Firowns of this world, the Qaroons, the Hamaans, the Samirees, the inventers and spreaders of falsehood as truth to make truth obscure on masses thereby. The Quran puts these people into different categories. The rulers and their procurers who get masses to work for them and that is how humanity ends up used and abused by some of its members who act less than human beings or even less than all the other living things.

Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind

1] Saying, I seek to bring about a kingdom for protection of mankind founded upon revealed program, constitution and law of Creator and Sustainer of mankind,

2] Who is the sole rightful owner of mankind,

3] the only ruler able to protect and secure mankind through His advised way of life,

4] against the harms and destructions of the group of people that spreads the opposite message secretly, the loser

5] which tries to raise harmful and destructive ambitions and desires for personal gains in minds of the mankind against each other,

6] from among the people seeking dominance over others by undermining them and from among the masses who link to them to gain dominance over others.

This surah explains what it means to accept message of Allah ie it is accepting Allah as the sole ruler and therefore his advised way of life that is for fulfilling his program for mankind according to his constitution and law. From this it is not difficult to see what is going to happen to such people who will stand up for implementation of this program for fulfilling goals set by Allah according to his guidelines. They will be opposed tooth and nail by opponents and they will use every trick and mechanism they can to ensure such a thing does not happen. They will try to convince people that this way of life is wrong and their way of life is right and they will offer various incentives depending on strength of the movement for the divine mission and individuals position in there. Since the Quran is talking about establishment and maintenance of a kingdom based upon guidance of Allah therefore these verses are talking about what opposition is going to try to stop this mission in its track. This is where mullaism takes things in its own hand misinterprets the message of the Quran and misrepresents it to masses thereby mullaism supports rulers and money lenders. This is why unless masses educate themselves to see through tricks of mullahs they will remain enslaved and therefore will be used and abused for as long as they remain in this situation. A scholar of the Quran is not a mullahs because he explains the Quran as it ought to be explained as a book of deen. One may make odd mistakes about explaining things but such a person will not try to misinterpret the book deliberately nor misrepresent it. This work itself could be containing mistakes because we are all human beings and take time to learn things and realise our mistakes so people must use their own better judgement to reach their own conclusions.
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Senior Member Pakistani
Senior Member Pakistani

Joined: 04 Dec 2010
Posts: 507

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Why is there something rather than nothing at all?
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