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68 Books on Classical Mechanics

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68 Books on Classical Mechanics
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68 Books on Classical Mechanics

68 Books on Classical Mechanics


Classical Mechanics (Size: 618.94 MB)
Marion, Stephen & Thornton, Jerry - Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems.pdf 66.21 MB
Taylor, John R. - Classical Mechanics (2005)(808s).pdf 54.45 MB
Kotkin & Serbo - Collection of problems in classical Mechanics (1971).pdf 32.27 MB
Nayfeh, Ali Hasan & Dean T. Mook - Nonlinear Oscillations (1995).pdf 27.46 MB
Howland R.A. - Intermediate Dynamics_A Linear Algebraic Approach (2006).PDF 26.12 MB
Knauf, Andreas - Mathematische Physik Klassische Mechanik (Springer 2012).pdf 26.06 MB
Corben H.C. & Philip Stehle - Classical Mechanics (1960).pdf 25.5 MB
Holm D., Schmah T., Stoica C. - Geometric Mechanics and Symmetry_From Finite to Infinite... 20.63 MB
Synge J.L., Griffith B.A. - Principles of mechanics (2ed., MGH, 1949)(530s).pdf 17.59 MB
Lai W M, Rubin D, Krempl E - Introduction To Continuum Mechanics (3Ed, 1999)(571s).pdf 15.71 MB
Taylor, John R. - Classical Mechanics (2005)(808s).djvu 14.36 MB
Irgens, Fridtjov - Continuum Mechanics (Springer, 2008).pdf 13.04 MB
Corinaldesi, Ernesto - Classical Mechanics For Physics Graduate Students (1998).pdf 12.69 MB
Wells, Dare - Theory and Problems of Lagrangian Dynamics (1967).pdf 11.16 MB
Pars L.A. - A Treatise on Analytical Dynamics (1965).djvu 10.66 MB
Gignoux, Claude & Bernard Silvestre-Brac - Solved Problems in Lagrangian and Hamiltonian... 10.66 MB
de Lange O.L. and J. Pierrus - Solved Problems in Classical Mechanics (OUP 2010).pdf 9.69 MB
Ardema, Mark D. - Analytical Dynamics (2005).pdf 9.6 MB
Hand, Louis N. & Janet D. Finch - Analytical mechanics (CUP 1998).djvu 9.44 MB
Routh E.J. - A treatise on the dynamics of a system of rigid bodies (London, 1905)(503s).djv 9.4 MB
Abraham R., Marsden J.E. - Foundations of mechanics (2ed., AW, 1987)(838s).djvu 8.86 MB
Kibble, Thomas & Berkshire, Frank - Classical Mechanics (5th ed 2004).pdf 8.76 MB
Synge J.L., Griffith B.A. - Principles of mechanics (2ed., MGH, 1949)(517s).djvu 7.91 MB
Gregory, R. Douglas - Classical Mechanics_An Undergraduate Text (CUP 2006).pdf 7.57 MB
Goldstein, Poole, Safko - Classical mechanics (3ed., AW, 2000)(647s).djvu 7.54 MB
Kleppner D., Kolenkow R.J. - Introduction to Mechanics (MGH, 1973)(568s).djvu 7.31 MB
Chinmoy Taraphdar - The classical mechanics (2007).pdf 7.31 MB
Calkin M. G. - Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics (1996).pdf 6.92 MB
Strauch, Dieter - Classical Mechanics (2009).pdf 6.89 MB
Symon, Keith - Mechanics (3rd ed 1971).djvu 6.76 MB
Routh E.J. - A treatise on dynamics of a particle (Cambridge, 1898)(435s).djvu 6.37 MB
Kelly S.G. - Fundamentals of mechanical vibrations (2ed., McGraw-Hill, 2000).djv 6.29 MB
Jose, Jorge & Saletan, Eugene - Classical dynamics. A contemporary approach (CUP, 1998).djv 6.25 MB
Morin, David - Introduction to Classical Mechanics with Problems and Solutions (2004).pdf 5.77 MB
Greenwood, Donald T. - Classical dynamics (1997).djvu 5.28 MB
Valtonen, Mauri & Karttunen Hannu - The Three Body Problem (CUP 2005).pdf 4.86 MB
Rund H. - The Hamilton-Jacobi theory in the calculus of variations (Van Nostrand, 1966).djv 4.64 MB
Arya A.P. - Introduction to classical mechanics (2ed., PH, 1997).djv 4.47 MB
Lai W M, Rubin D, Krempl E - Introduction To Continuum Mechanics (3Ed, 1999)(568s).djvu 4.37 MB
Finn, J. Michael - Classical mechanics (2008).pdf 4.36 MB
Hestens, David - New foundations for Classical Mechanics (2nd ed, 2002).djvu 4.27 MB
Berdichevsky V. - Variational Principles of Continuum Mechanics I. Fundamentals (Springer, 2009).pdf 3.98 MB
Johns, Oliver Davis - Analytical Mechanics for Relativity and Quantum Mechanics (OUP 2005).pdf 3.92 MB
Arnold V.I. - Mathematical Methods Of Classical Mechanics (2ed., Springer, 1989)(536s).djvu 3.61 MB
Dreizler, Reiner M. & Cora S. Lüdde - Theoretical Mechanics (2011).pdf 3.59 MB
Lewis, Andrew D. - Lagrangian Mechanics, Dynamics & Control (2003).pdf 3.43 MB
Berdichevsky V. - Variational Principles of Continuum Mechanics II. Applications (Springer,... 2.94 MB
Marsden, Jerrold E. & Tudor S. Ratiu - Introduction to Mechanics and Symmetry (1998).pdf 2.9 MB
Tatum, J. B. - Classical Mechanics (499s).djvu 2.9 MB
Gantmacher - Lectures in Analytical Mechanics (1975).djvu 2.88 MB
Sussman G. & Wisdom J. - Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics (MIT... 2.85 MB
DiBenedetto, Emmanuele - Classical Mechanics_Theory and Mathematical Modeling (2011).pdf 2.81 MB
Gregory, R. Douglas - Classical Mechanics_Solutions Manual.pdf 2.8 MB
Meyer, Hall, Offin - Introduction to Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems and the N-Body Problem (2009).pdf 2.78 MB
Deriglazov, Alexei - Classical Mechanics_Hamiltonian and Lagrangian Formalism (Springer 2010).pdf 2.2 MB
Heinbockel J.H. - Introduction to tensor calculus and continuum mechanics (lecture notes, 1996).djv 2.19 MB
Desloge, Edward A. - Classical Mechanics, Vol.1 (Wiley, 1982).djvu 2.06 MB
Wess, Julius - Theoretische Mechanik (2007).pdf 2.04 MB
Desloge, Edward A. - Classical Mechanics, Vol.2 (Wiley, 1982).djvu 2 MB
Yung-Kuo Lim (ed.) - Problems and Solutions on Mechanics Major American Universities Ph.D.... 1.97 MB
Brizard, Alain J. - An Introduction to Lagrangian Mechanics.pdf 1.9 MB
Leon, Manuel de & Paulo Rodriguez - Generalized Classical Mechanics and Field Theory (1985).djvu 1.6 MB
Goldstein Classical Mechanics Notes (Michael Good 2004).pdf 1.36 MB
Kastrup H.A. - Canonical theories of Lagrangian dynamical systems in physics (1983)(167s).djvu 1.33 MB
Dekker H. - Classical and quantum mechanics of the damped harmonic oscillator (1981).djvu 1.28 MB
Sudhakar Nair - Introduction to Continuum Mechanics (CUP 2009).pdf 1.06 MB
Lester O. - The integrals of mechanics (Boston, 1909)(81s).djvu 947.86 KB
Goldstein - Classical Mechanics solutions (Homer Reid 2000).djvu 190.07 KB


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